Sunday, April 6, 2008

Quilt Country, Lewisville, Tx.

Ok, Mr. Blogger isn't co-operating with me***GGGRRR*** I am supposed to have another picture (the outside of the building),guess not today........... Any way this is Quilt Country , in Lewisvillle, TX. A very nice store,supposedly over 5000 bolts of fabric. And that is probably right, cause they had a LOT.. I have been hearing about all you ladies that are using ORANGE fabrics now, Well they have more orange fabrics than I have seen anywhere.

This is just a portion of their shelf of oranges. They do have a web site, but I CAN NOT find the card they gave me, I am sure its in the trailer, so will post it soon. I'm sure they do a great mail order service.I also have several more fabric pics , but will post those later.

We are leaving here in the am for Oklahoma City, Ok. Should be there sometime after lunch. I have enjoyed meeting a lot of Texans, but am ready to move on. The more I move the closer we are to being through and I can go home, but that is a long time away.And that's ok, we will get there when we are supposed to.

Hope all of you had a nice spring day, It was cold here this am, but around noon time, the sun appeared and it got hot. But we are now in the motel and I need to get up from here and get ready to leave in the am. So hope all of you are quilting memories. Catch you later, J

PS: I have been doing some red work, and for now enjoying it, already finished one of the designs. Will show it sometime next week.. BYE


log cabin quilter said...

The first quilt pictured in your blog "Seasons in a Row" is one of my UFOs! I think I have 3 more rows to finish. I don't know when I will get back to it. Hopefully, this year!! Sorry we didn't make it to see you today. My DH is having some problems with his blood pressure meds and doesn't feel too great - this has been going on for about 2 months. He's getting very tired of it! Have a good time in OK!

Kyra said...

You're right - lots of GREAT orange color fabrics! I like greens and blues. Considering a quilt about this year's Presidential elections.

Best, Kyra

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Love the travelog you are providing, hey-- is it too late to have you pick me up some ORANGE? ;) Take good care, I'm eager to see your redwork.

marge said...

I've been looking for the pattern for Seasons in a Row. Do you know where I can get it??