Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Quilters Corner, Midwest, OK

Midwest City, Ok. has a lovely quilt store, the name of it is Quilter's Corner. I did find some white fabric that I needed. I can't believe that when I got the redwork patterns the other day, I only got about half of what I needed,so was glad I found it today,I bought 4 1/2 yards,I do have several Christmas Quilts that this will be perfect for.

They had lots of books and patterns and an awful lot of beautiful quilts, but I promised them I would not picture them here. I wish I could, because they were really nice. Sorry, I know I promised pictures but I will respect their wishes.
I HAVE been sewing today, I am working on my GGS's quilt. I cut out 64 4 1/2 " blocks then sewed them together. I plan to work on it in the am again. I would show the picture, but blogger will not let me load anymore.....GGGRRR...
Maybe tomorrow, at least I will try .
The storms blew through here last night with a vengance, but I think for the Oklahomians , it wasn't anything too bad.........For me, I wish they would go away. I heard on the TV while ago, they are expected again tomorrow. I guess I will have to crawl back under the bed and hide...LOL..
I have had a nice time today, but I have made a mess in this motel room, so I need to get up from here and straighten it up a bit before we go to bed. Hope all of you are busy Quilting Memories.. Later, J

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