Sunday, September 21, 2008

Water,water everywhere

Yes, there was water everywhere, and NO WHERE to go, I was terrified, but obviously am ok.

We just found ourselves in this mess, we didn't see any detour signs or anything about flooding until we couldn't turn around.We were on the interstate headed towards Chicago, I wanted to see lake Michigan, so DH had taken I 80-94 so we could see it, never in our wildest dreams did we expect what we ran into.
We had to go through 2 sections like this, the water was at least 12-18 in. deep.You can see the hood of the truck, looks like the lake, but am told just flood water. We were detoured off the interstate within a 1/2 mile distance, ended up going through the city of Chicago, that was no fun either.( We still haven't seen the Lake). Thank God we are ok, things could have much worse.
We have been here in the Chicago area all week, but I had not gotten our pics down loaded. I have learned one thing, all the pics you see of people doing crazy things ( such as driving through food water), I will never judge them again, sometimes you get caught in a situation that you can NOT do anything about.

I do have lots of pics, some of family and quilts, but will do that another time.Tomorrow the lady that we met here in the summer and I am going to visit some quilt stores and then next Saturday she and I are going to a quilt show....Lots of fun, I'm sure, I am soooo looking forward to a day out with my new friend.

This precious little lady I just met, isn't she just the cutest? She is 7 weeks old and her name is Maggie, she was such a little doll, I think Mommy said she weighed 4lb.9oz. when she was born and now weighs about 10 lbs. so she is doing well.I just thought you should know I try to find me a baby to love wherever I go.

It's time for Ice Road Truckers, so am going to watch that, I only watch a couple shows (Ice Road and ER). ER starts again next Thursday. I understand this will be the last season, so don't want to miss any shows.

Until next time make yourselves happy Quilting Memories,

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