Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chicago, Chicago Here we come ***VBS***

The Old and the NEW

It really doesn't matter what you like or own, as long as we can sew I think we are happy campers***VBS***

Yes, I know these machines aren't the oldest or the newest, but they are the only pics I have,But I love them both.

How many machines do you have? How old is your oldest and new your newest? Just curious...I own 4 machines,the oldest one is my White Machine, complete with cabinet, I was so excited when I got to bring that baby home. At the time I was sewing for the public, and had worn out the machine I was useing, I am ashamed to say I can not remember what kind it was nor where I got it, I think probably my MIL gave it to me, so with our income tax refund we got me a brand new machine, boy was I proud.( I traded that one in) That machine cost us a whopping $150.00 ( complete with cabinet),I purchased that one in 1966. I was in the middle of making majorette uniforms for the Pop Warner Football Majorettes. I still remember having to make 17 of them in ONE WEEK, the fabric came in late, that was more than a little stress. I took the last one I made to the field the day of the opening game, the girl put it on and went straight on the field.I remember when they went on the field for the playing of The National Anthem, I stood on the sidelines and cried, I was very proud, but most of all I was soooooo relieved that the job was done... LOL...

Again when I went looking for another machine ( yes I had worn another one out) the guy that serviced my machine, said the last time I took it in,said there is nothing left to fix, you have worn it out...NO he did not sell machines, so he wasn't trying to get me to buy one from him, but he told my DH, SHE NEEDS A NEW MACHINE, he said in all his years of servicing machines he had never met a lady that had worn out 2 machines...I did remind him the first one was old when I got it and by now the " new " one was 35 years old....So off I went and bought me a Pfaff, boy was I in for the shock of my life when I was told what that puppy cost.....but I brought it home, she is still my workhorse and the one I carry with me on the road, I think I purchased her in about 1998............I did not want an embroidery machine, I just wanted a few stitches that I would use, cause I had slowed down my sewing quiet a lot......but in 2000 my DH talked me into buying an emb. machine, I purchased a Bernina 180.....(sold her after having her about 2 months)I really never learned to use it very well, I got involved in a contest and WON my 200 Bernina, and I do enjoy her a great deal, when I am home I only use that one. I have had all the upgrades so now she is classified as a 730.

The 4th machine is the one my Nephew gave me that belonged to my Aunt who died 2 years ago.I did clean it up and oil it when I was home in August but really haven't tried any sewing, will do that when we get back home.

I also have a serger, it's a Bernina 799D, I do like it, but don't use it a lot. But am glad I have it, it does come in handy .

Well, we leave here in the morning, Chicago bound, we are ready, but dread the ride tomorrow, it has rained here for 2 days and is supposed to rain all day tomorrow, but maybe we will run out of it and have a nice day.

Am going to watch a little TV and get to bed early, so I will be awake for the ride***VBS***

Hope everyone is somewhere cozy quilting memories......Have a goodnight everyone.....



Libby said...

I guess technically I have 5 machines . . . wow, I never really thought about it before *yikes* One is only a head for a treadle machine - age unknown. A treadle that is not in working condition - but hopefully one day - I looked it up online once, I believe it was from the 30's. The rest are regular, modern machines. They get the job done and that makes me a happy girl *s*

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm embarrassed to say how many machines. Suffice it to say I use them all. I love the majorette story! I am eager to have you back home, you gadabout you!