Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family Pictures and Quilts

OK, everyone a little family time for DH and me. These pics were made in our hotel room in the Detroit area.

The man is our nephew, the lady is his wife ( our neice) and their children.We are fortunate enough to be able to see them when we are in the area. They come see us about every other year for Thanksgiving, and we do enjoy having them very much. This is the year they should come, I hope they do, But with the expense of gasoline, it's debateable.But I can hope......Please, please....***VBS***

Kim is holding a quilt she made this summer when visiting her Mom ( Rita), it's her first, I think she did a very good job, I really like her choice of colors. My great nephew is standing in front of his quilt that his Grandma Rita made him for his birthday ( at his request) . I really liked it too, very boyish...He sure is proud of it.I had given my Great neice a tote bag , but I had given it to her a little earlier and she left it in the car when we all came in and it was POURING rain, so we didn't get a picture of her with it.WE really had a great time visiting , and hopefully will get to come back next year. Will have to wait and see.

We are back at the hotel for the night, our event was short, due to rain showers, and that was ok by me. I need a little rest.WE will be heading home next Monday, then I will be Quilting Memories of my own, I have purchased several pieces of fabric since we have been on the road, so I must try to sew some of it up. My sewing room looks like a quilt store...***VBS***....well, except most quilt stores have quilts on display and unfortunately, I need to sew in order to display any quilts......

I went quilt shop hopping with my new friend Monday and Tuesday,forgot my camera on Monday but made up for it on Tuesday. We went to 3 stores and you want won't to miss one of them.'Till tomorrow, Have a Good night,

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institches said...

Hi A. Jewell and U. Wayne!

Just had a few minutes and logged on to your blogspot. Wow! Thanks for posting those pictures. They turned out really nice. I hope this finds you well and quilting memories; perhaps someday you will be able to open a quilt shop. Where are you guys now? Home? I've been keeping busy working...I've worked over 3 weeks straight....that's pretty good for subbing. Well, off to drop Kaitlin and a friend off to our church's youth group. Have a nice night....