Sunday, September 28, 2008

Judy's Quilt and Sew Hampshire, Illinois

A very nice store with lots of pretty fabrics and all the notions you could possibly need.They also have a web site, and an email I am sure if you check them out there will be something you NEED...I did, but then I DID every where we went ***VBS***I hope you will click on the pics and see all the eye candy, also the pic with their name and see the house they are in. Yes, its 2 stories, with fabric on both,this truly was a great shop.

So glad I got to visit with them myself.

Yesterday, my friend and I went to a Quilt Show, I think one of the guilds here sponsored it. The name of it was Prairie Treasures Quilt Show, unfortunately I have no idea what town I was in, but anyhow it was agreat show, lots of beautiful Quilts, 300 or so and there was 15 vendors. So a really great show, once again I had a great day.....Thanks, Barb, for inviting me.

I guess, Maybe, when we go to the beach next week ( on vacation ***VBS***) there should be a shop or two to check out, but until then, I will be off the net, mostly anyway,cause we are headed home TOMORROW MORNING......YEAH,YEAH.

Catch all of you soon,


Salem Stitcher said...

Looks like a great shop. I love all those long little wall hangings in the one picture you took. They are VERY tempting!

quiltmom said...

HI Bobbin,
Thanks for stopping by at my blog- it is great to meet so many new people in blogland.
I have been reading blogs for over a year and often have commented on other blogs. People have written back and before I knew it I was writing emails to a number of bloggers. Keep on writing ..
I love the pictures of the beautiful quilt store- I love to go shopping in fabric stores - this way is alot less expensive.
If you get a chance,come and visit my blog again.