Thursday, September 25, 2008

"A Touch Of Amish, Barrington, Il

This was a very nice upscale shop, I am so glad I got to go there, as it's pretty far away from our hotel. It's in Barrington, IL. The ladies that were there was delightful and very helpful. The shop was FULL of fabric and there was 4 ladies opening boxes of fabric as fast as they could move. They had a long way to go to get it all out, I have no idea how many bolts they were trying to find a home for , but it was a lot***VBS***....The shop was decorated with lots of Halloween quilts and several Christmas ones as well,plus all the beautiful ones that were made for us to enjoy and perhaps "need" fabrics so we could make our own. This shop was brimming with EYE CANDY, and the best part was you could take some of it home and I am sure that would be greatly appreciated. I did not get the names of the ladies there but they did stop long enough for me to take their pictures. Of course the one sitting onthe ledge was doing absolutely nothing but watching all the others work, shame on her,I guess her job was just to sit around and look "pretty".

I hope someday you get to visit this amazing shop, I am so glad my friend "Barb" took her time to take me to all these shops,I have been very fortunate to meet some of the nicest people.She is going to take me to a Quilt Show somewhere around here on Saturday, won't that be just a great way to end our time here? She has a daughter who lives in NC, not too far from us, so I hope when she visits her she will call me, and I can return the favor and take her to some of my favorite LQS's. That would be great.

Check with me tomorrow, We went to another great shop, and she designs pattersn and writes quilty books, you will be glad you stopped by, cause I bet you have some of her patterns at your house ( I did).Actually we went to 2 more shops, but tomorrow I will share pics from the one I think you all will know***VBS***

Until Tomorrow, keep Quilting Memories, and soon I am going to reveal "MIKE" to you***VVBS**


Libby said...

Nice shop . . . love that last pic.

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

Next time I go to Villa Park to visit family, I am definitely going to visit this shop. I have been dying to go to it since it was in the Quilt Sampler magazine!