Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pictures of Christian, He's now 2 months old

No quilting stuff today, but wanted to show off Christian, these were taken while we were home last month. He is 2 months old(in pic)

And weighs almost 15 lbs. I think he takes after his Great Grandmother and likes to eat. His Mommy has now put him on formula, and he seemes to be adjusting to that very well. the day we were there, he had had 2 shots, one in each hip, so he didn't feel very good. The only place he wanted to be was on someone's chest,He finally went to sleep and slept right where he was for about 2 hours, but that was ok, I enjoyed every minute of our time together.

The pics of DH and I was at Lake Erie. That sure is a pretty place, and as you can see, I had to put my feet in the water.We had to do down 62 steps to get to the water, and of course that meant we had to come back up all of them,,,,WOW...That was a lot of steps, but I may never get here again, so it was worth it. I think DH is planning for us to go see Lake Michigan next week.

That will be exciting for me as well. As a child in school I remember studying about them..That was a LONG time ago ***VBS***

This is my 100th post for this year, and I do plan to have a give away, but will wait until I get back home....Things like that is just a lot of extra planning when on the road, for one thing, sometime just finding a post office is a pain....But we are headed home in less than 3 weeks, so when I get settled and can put some thought in what I am doing, I will let everyone know.

I also want to thank the ones of you that have left comments, if you haven't heard from me via email, please know I tried, but for whatever reason, lack of an addy or our net hook-up, I haven't been able to respond. I do appreciate all the comments and the nice things you have to say. So, thank you for visiting, come see me again soon.
Hope all of you are Quilting Memories today, I have been working on my Red Work...Have read 2 books and have now decided to get busy doing something constructive.Come back soon,


Salem Stitcher said...

Oh, Christian is so sweet! I still can't believe you are a great grandmother. He's a lucky little boy.

Somehow I missed reading your last post about your applique. I saw those three at the shop and they are adorable. I think you did a great job.

Have fun out there!

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

What a little darling! Poor baby getting 2 shots the same day. Our GS had the same thing a while back. Boo Hoo! Hope you get to Lake Michigan. We grew up near Chicago, so we got to see it a lot & went swimming in it every summer. It was cold! Ruth