Friday, September 26, 2008

Tammy Tadd Designs Quilt shop

TAMMY TADD DESIGNS...What a fun place, and VERY SPACIOUS.....I loved every thing in that store.Do you have any of her designs? Well,check them out, I know my LQS carries them and bet yours do to, but if not, you can check her out at am sure you will like what you see. I do believe that her store was the most cheerful and bright store I have been in , in a long time, maybe ever.She certainly likes pinks, greens and yellows and blues,etc,etc.I also like very bright colors. She has a lot of baby quilts and most of her quilts could be easily used for a baby design. The ladies that were working on Tuesday was great also, very friendly and knowledgeable. Her addy is 920 W. Prairie Drive, Suite J Sycamore,IL.60178

Thats Tammy and me , she was just the sweetest lady, she came from her office upstairs at my request just so I could meet her, even helped me pick some fabric for a girly baby quilt then cut it for me. I think that was so nice for her to do that.

They have lots of FABRIC, notions and classes, but what caught my eye was the decorations she had, her store was pure eye candy,she does know how to display her fabrics and everything.

She designs a lot of quilts and writes books, she also has 5 children, so she is a very busy lady.

I took so many pics that my DH said out card was about out of space, so I may NOT get to take any pics at the quilt show on Saturday,I hate that, but that sort of thing happens sometime.Darn It....***VBG***

I hope all of you are busy quilting memories today, I am off to an event in Niles, Il. catch you later,


em's scrapbag said...

What a bright and fun store. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!!!

A Tadd More said...

Hi! I remember you. You were traveling with your husband and a Nascar, and you came in with a lady you met at one of the local motels right? YOU are the sweet one! Thanks so much for all of your kind words. Come see us again when you are in the area. God Bless.