Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quilt Patch Fabrics, Matthews, NC

Hi Everyone,This was a very nice surprise,when we stopped in front of this shop, I told DH I wouldn't be but a minute, BUT was I ever surprised........What a great store and just the nicest lady. The picture of the 3 people are the owners.Charlotte Harkey,Janice Cooper and Brian Gregory. the 2 I met was so very nice. That store was so well laid out with lots of everything...
if you need something to use in your sewing room, I feel confident that you can find it there.
If you decide to go, you could go here and to the Overall Quilter in the same day. They aren't very far apart. They have a web site it's www.quiltpatch them out, I know you will like what you see. They are in Matthews, NC 1017 Stallings Rd. Yep, you need to check these two out ***VBS***
We will be leaving Charlotte tomorrow afternoon, heading for Raleigh. My brother and SIL live there. We plan to get together for dinner next Saturday,we hope to see their son and his family, as my nephew has been given his orders, he has to be in Japan by July 6th. I hope that will be a great experience for them. I have known other military people who have been over there and they say it's a wonderful place to be. I hope so.
Well, we left work early again today, rain, rain. I wonder what we will have tomorrow, I think the TV says Rain....At least it isn't real cold. I have been sitting in the truck reading.
I shall tell you about some books that I am reading that was recommended, and I think several of you may enjoy as well. So until tomorrow, stay dry and quilt memories for me.....BOBBIN
PS: Do any of you know where I may find a quilt shop in Raleigh?


Salem Stitcher said...

There are two great shops near Raleigh. Etc. Crafts is in Cary, very near Raleigh. Plain & Simple Quilt Shop is in Apex also near Raleigh. If you're traveling from Charlotte to Raleigh along Highway 64 (instead of I-40), Plain & Simple is just off the Apex exit in a little white cottage. It is a GREAT shop!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Thanks... more shops to add to the list! You got some good recommendations for Raleigh, I also like the little quilt shop in Wake Forest, "Quilts Like Crazy". Have fun!

Carrie P. said...

That shop looks really nice. Haven't been to any Charlotte yet. That is just pitiful.
Those 2 that Salem Stitcher mentioned are the same I would say check out. Have fun.