Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring has Sprung in Charleston HOORAY

The weather has been beautiful for a couple days now. The tree is in the parking lot in front of the motel where we are staying. The picture was taken Thursday morning, today ( Saturday) the flowers are all but gone and the tree is all green. But it sure was pretty for a few days. Everywhere we have been, the flowering trees have been in abundance and the azaleas are awesome.
The flowers were for sale at Wal-Mart, they had such pretty ones, all kinds and colors. I do love flowers, but unfortunately I am not good at trying to get them to grow, although DH can get anything to grow, so when we are at home, our patio is beautiful. Our DD has already told us that the flowers are beginning to look pretty. Maybe I can see them soon.
I hope in my post, most of you have discovered the softer side of me, I love little children, they are so innocent and say the sweetest things. This little girl was at one of our events and was looking at the car, she told me it was realy nice and wanted to know how old it was, when I told her 2 years, she said " my, that's old for a car" She was about 3 years old. Then she bent down and was looking underneath it, when I asked what she was looking at, she looked at me like I had rocks in my head and said, THE TIRES, thats all that's under there and you really should get some new ones, those are about worn out. Guess she told me***VBG***
We had such a great day yesterday, went to 2 quilt stores and saw the beach and the town of Charleston, such a nice treat and the town did not dissapoint me, all I have ever heard is right, it was lovely. I want to come back sometime and spend a day or two just exploring the city. I will share pics of the quilt stores, but today I want to post our schedule for next week, as I know I have family and friends that are planning to visit us in Charlotte, NC next week:
3/25 Wal; Mart 15o Concord Commons Concord, NC 3/8pm
3/26 Wal-Mart 9820 Callabridge Court Charlotte, NC 3/8pm
3/27 Blackhawk Hdw. 4225 Park Rd. Charlotte, NC 9am-2pm
3/28 Lowes 16830 Statesville Rd. Huntersville,NC 8am;4pm
3/29 Home Depot 1837 Matthews Township Pkwy. Matthews, NC 10am;4pm

We are looking forward to going to Charlotte,being able to see family and friends sure makes me happy, I do miss everyone.I probably won't visit any quilt shops, cause I get to them pretty regularly, but you never know. It's according to how close I may be to one or more of them.LOL
I also took pics of Charleston and the beach, will save those for another post as well.
We leave here tomorrow evening, so will not be on here again until Monday, so everyone take care and continue ti quilt memories. BOBBIN


Salem Stitcher said...

Charleston is somewhere I've always wanted to go. One of these days... Looks like you have a nice visit.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Well of course she was checking out the tires... after all, two years old is very old for a car and it's tires! ;)

Nane said...

Glad you are getting close to home!

Carrie P. said...

Cute story with the little girl. Hope you have good tires on the vehicle you are riding in. Take care.