Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wake Forest, NC

Here we are in Wake Forest, NC, and when we looked out our motel window this old barn was looking at us ***VBS*** I love old barns, I have no idea why, but they fascinate me. I couldn't beleve what I saw. We are a little far out in the country, but not that far, or so I thought. But anyway, I haven't been to any quilt stores while in the Raleigh area, so have nothing much to talk about.

After our event tomorrow, we will be headed to the Greensboro area. I am so excited, cause I can spend a little time with our kids and grandkids, and maybe even get to see our little Great GS, that will be great. then I think we are going to go see my sister and BIL and friends in Va, the next weekend, maybe spend Easter there, thats not a sure thing yet though. They may be going to Michigan, to see her son and family.

Here is our schedule for next week, if you can come by and check us out:

4/8 Wed. Wal Mart Hwy 150 W.S. 3pm-8pm

4/9 Thurs. Grasshoppers game in Greensboro 3-7 pm

4/10 Fri. Wal Mart Kernersville 9am-2pm

4/11 Sat. Grasshoppers game in Greensboro 3pm-7pm

Hope to see some of my family and friends.

Take care, see ya soon, Bobbin


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Well, you're sure to see some familiar faces so close to home. Take good care and safe travels~

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

I love old barns too! We saw a lot on our trip to Oregon, but didn't take any pictures of them. :-(

Nane said...

That barn needs a quilt block painted on it...I saw one yesterday for the first time in NC, I know they are gaining popularity