Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quilter's Paradise, Escondido, Ca.

This is THE place to go......You will be so glad you did.The owner and her husband were so gracious and very, very busy. Loads of shoppers, no recession there. Their shop has been there for about 2 years, but they just opened up another section, a very large section.Everything was so neat and clean, just made you want to "sit and stay a spell". Sue and husband ( I didn't get his name, sorry) are both very friendly and have a very friendly staff'
Mr. Quilter's Paradise waited on me, he seemed to be comfortable doing what he was doing.
All of the staff was very knowledgable.
Their was a group of ladies in the class room, seems they are there every Saturday, a guild,or party, I am not sure which, as they were having a great time. They bring lunch on Saturdays, the soup smelled delicious and they did invite me to eat, but I had to go. I hope, if I ever get back thay way, I can join them for lunch, but more to get to know them, they were so delightful.
One of the ladies had made the pin cushions, aren't they the cutest. Said she gives them for birthday gifts.
Now, back to the shop....there was a ton of fabric, I have no idea how many bolts, but it sure would take a long while to count them. I am thankful I don't help with their inventory heehhee
There was also one room just for books and patterns, and there were lots of both.
Her classroom was enormous, room for at least 20/24, with plenty of room for all.She also does longarm quilting there, this truly is a one stop shop, no need to go anywhere else.
I could go on and on about Quilter's Paradise, but I am sure you get the picture,if not, I took lots more ***VBS***.
I just loved the sign about true.....
We are to head out tomorrow for Atlanta, Ga. Hope we can get there, it's snowing like crazy right now and the weatherman said we could expect about 7 inches.Around here that's a LOT, we may be snowed in for days ... LOL.... But, the vehicle is all packed and ready to go. If we can't leave until Tuesday, that will be ok, as the event we are scheduled to do, isn't until Wednesday, surely by then we will be good to go. I do understand there is quiet a snowfall in Atlanta, so guess we will just wait and see.
While we have been home (2 days) we have gotten to see our kids and GD...didn't see either GS"s, but they are grown and tooo busy with their lives, couldn't get with them, but maybe these 3 months will hurry by and then we are supposed to be home , as hubby has been told, after June 1, he will be laid off. We just keep hoping they will find something for him to do. All we can do now is wait and see.
I have my sewing machine and 2 projects all packed, maybe I will accompolish more than I did last year. I decided to keep it very simple, more cutting than anything. I have a huge plastic bin full of scraps,am going to TRY to get then all cut , either into strips or blocks. The other project that I am taking is my red/white and black/white reversible quilt.I really do like that quilt and want to get it done. I have decided to make it large enough for our bed. It's a queen size. but the Black/white side will be pretty all year and the red/white for Christmas. That is the plan, anyway.
I have been busy ever since we came in the door Friday evening, I am going to get to bed and try to rest some before we have to leave.I don't do any driving, but the ride always wears me out. Could that be old age?????
Stay warm and dry and keep busy quilting memories. As always, Bobbin


Salem Stitcher said...

All that riding around would wear anyone out! You're a trooper!

Carrie P. said...

What a very nice shop. Can you bring home some of that fabric?