Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nothing Exciting, Just checking in

Hello Everyone
We are in our second week in Atlanta, Ga. The weather the last 3 days has been beautiful.The trees are in bloom and the grass is getting greener, a beautiful sight,BUT, The weatherman says its going to start raining and turn cold....YUCK.... I am so tired of being cold. I keep telling myself that Spring is just around the corner ***VBS***
Have you had any warm weather where you are, or are you still having cold weather?
What are your plans for this spring? Got any new quilt plans? How about quilting memories and staying warm, now that's what I'm talking about********
I have been reading, I love to read historical Romances ( my DB calls them hysterical romances,heehee)I am on my 3rd book in less than a week. I have to finish the one I am reading then I have one more....
I also bought myself several (7) quilting magazines, I am still trying to decide on what I want to subscribe to. I have eliminated only one, I have bought and read 2 Quilters Home, I don't think that would hold my interest and I didn't find anything in either magazine that I would want to make.I purcased 2 Quilter's World,1 Love of Quilting, 1American Patchwork and Quilting,1 Quilts and More,1 Quiltmaker and 1 American Quiltmaker.I have previously seen all of the above except American Quiltmaker,although I have only read (this time) the Quilter's World.I know there was several more suggestions, and I will purchase at least one of each, before I make a final decision.
This really shouldn't be such a difficult decision, but for me it is....
Next week we will be in Charleston, SC. I have been through there a few times but never spent any time there, so I am looking forward to getting to see some of the sights there. All my family thinks my DH and I are crazy, as we just like to look at all the things "GOD" made, not much interested in man made things at all. Although we have been told so much about what a beautiful old city Charleston is, that I hope to ride through a few times. I don't want to miss anything ***VBS***. Also, we want to see the beach, I have seen several of the Atlantic Beaches, also now, several of the Pacific beaches. They are all beautiful, and all so different. Maybe this time I can at least get my feet wet ***AnotherVBS***
I have a phone call to make, so am going to get up from here and do that, take care of yourselves and if you live anywhere near where we are now or in Charleston where we will be, email me, I would love to meet you.
Quilting Memories,


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You'll want to go to People, Places and Quilts while you're in Chas'ton, I haven't been to that store but I have been to the one in Summerville. Enjoy. The weather is supposed to turn cold and nasty here again. Rats. Miss you.

Carrie P. said...

Spring will be here soon. Be patient. Since you are on the road so much why don't you just buy magazines as you see them and as you like them from all the quilt shops you visit. Take care.

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

We had weather in the 80's over the weekend, but now it's in the 30's & 40's! Fortunately, we've had some much needed rain. The whole state of Texas is under a drought. It rained all day yesterday and is supposed to rain some more tonight and tomorrow. We are very thankful! Have you ever read any of Nancy E. Turner's books? I happened to see a couple at Costco and one of them had a quilt on the cover, so that caught my eye. So I checked out "These is my Words" from the library and it is really good. It is based on Nancy's great-grandmother's diary and is set in the 1880's. I am enjoying it so much, I can hardly put it down.