Saturday, May 10, 2008

Minneapolis schedule

Wed,Apr. 14th Wal-Mart 18185 Zane Street Elk River, Mn 3-8
Thurs Apr15 Lowes 4270 Deans Lake Blvd Shakopee, Mn 3-8
Fri Apr 16 Home Depot 2360White Bear Ave N. Maplewood, Mn 3-8
Sat Apr 17 Lowes 1795 South Roberts St. West St Paul, Mn 8am-4pm
Sun Apr 18 Home Depot 400 79th St. W Bloomington, Mn 8am-4pm

Looking for YOU!!!!!!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Happy Mother's Day!

This is your friend Amanda from Arkansas. I have had the surgery, feeling mostly back to normal and going back to work on Monday.

Haven't started quilting yet, working on buying a house and then will start my quiliting. (Looking for quilting rooms in each house!)

Hope you all are well!