Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Sisters Quilt Shop, La Fox, Ill

" My Sisters Quilt Shop in La Fox, Ill......Very neat shop. Lots of pretties here also and a great "watch dog" ( I love black Labs) Gus is his name, very friendly***VBS*** This shop is right behind the railroad tracks and they are very busy....I was in there about 45 minutes and at least 4 went by, and they travel FAST.....
I asked how she came up with her shop name, she said she has 5 sisters and 4 brothers and when she was trying to decide what to call the shop, she overheard 2 of her sisters talking about " my sisters quilt shop", thus, the name.... I didn't buy very much, not that she didn't have several pieces of fabric I liked, but if I bought everything I like at each shop I go to, we couldn't carry it all home****LOL**** I do have to remember that where ever I go......Well, I had posted about the Pfaff shop I went to, but that went into cyber space. So am going to post that again. So if you try to keep up with my travels, I will have posted 3 times today.So, keep reading, next post coming right up.........Bobbin

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