Monday, May 5, 2008

Still " In Stitches" St. Louis, Mo

This is the last of the pics I took at " In Stitches"
I thought the panel was cute, no ,I didn't buy one, not something I would take my time doing, and as you can see there was lots of fat quarters,and the yellow fabrics was just a sample of her fabrics, she had all her fabrics together in like colors, and the yellow was the smallest collection of fabric of one color, also a couple quilts she had hanging, there was lots of them, but most were down a long and narrow hallway and very difficult to get a pic of. But a nice shop.
Was hopeing to get to go to another shop tomorrow but guess won't get too, DH has a cousin about 3 hours from here and we are going to meet half way. Thats ok, I like him and his wife and will be good to see them.Haven't seen them in several years.
Have brought my machine in, hopeing to quilt the baby quilt this week, will have to wait and see, am ready to get through with it and do something else. The room we are in has a counter (like a kitchen counter) and that will be great for cutting out some things, so also want to try to get some of that done. I sure do have a lot planned, probably don't have nearly enough time to finish, Wish me luck***VBS***
Well, to our adventures, I guess we are going to encounter all sorts of weather, this morning at about 6am, we had a small EARTHQUAKE, aren't you glad you are not traveling with us??????
Actually I didn't even know anything about it until someone said something about it at breakfast.
We are now in the area of Kansas City, Kansas.Our schedule for the week is:
WED.7th., Wal-Mart 13600 S Alden St. Olathe, Ks. 3-8 pm
Thurs. 8th., Home Depot 8598 North Church Road Kansas City, Mo 3-8 pm
Fri. 9th., Lowes 1770 West 133rd. Street Kansas City, Mo 3-8 pm
Sat., 10th Home Depot 8300 West 135th. St. Overland Park, Ks. 8am-4pm
Sun 11th Lowes 13750South Blackbob St Olathe, Ks 8am -4pm
If you get a chance to come by, I would love to meet you, but do keep in mind if it rains we usually leave and sometime the reps will let us leave early anyway.
Well, thats me for a while, just heard DH make plans for seeing his cousin tomorrow, so won't be on here. Take care everyone, and keep on Quilting Memories.....Later, Bobbin

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Ruth said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your baby quilt. It sounds like you have been very busy. Don't envy you having to pack & unpack your quilting stuff all the time. We used to live in KC, KS & went to church in Overland Park - ages ago...LOL!! Our DIL is being induced tomorrow morning, so hope to have news by this time tomorrow - earlier would be good too! I'm planning to go to a quilt show in Arlington on Sat with a friend of mine, so that will be fun. Thanks for your comment. Ruth