Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Change in Minneapolis, Mn. Schedule

Hi Everyone,
As I have said before DH'S schedule is subject to change at any time and it has for THIS week. Just Saturday and Sunday.....The boss reversed them so now we will be at Home Depot on Sat at 400 79th. St W Bloomington 8-4 and at Lowe's on Sunday 1795 South Roberts St. West St. Paul 8-4 .........
Well, Ladies I opted for a trip to the Mall Of America yesterday insread of finding a quilt store...
Don't know why, cause I sure am NOT a mall shopper, but everybody says "you just gotta go to the MOA" . It was interesting, I don't ride any amusement rides anymore, way to old for that, but there was at least 25 bus loads of school children there and we watched them while we ate our ice cream.That was fun, lots of yelling going on..LOL..
I decided while I was there I would try to find me some sandals, there was supposed to be 26 shoe stores there, (NO I didn't see them all), but I did shop several and tried on probably 30 pair and still have no new sandals. After eating a slice of pizza each (cost: $11.35 for 2 slices and 2 drinks) we decided to go through the underwater park. I was very nervous when we started as I do not like to be too confined, but it was worth getting over my reservations, I did soooooo enjoy every minute. Lots of fish and sharks and sting rays.It was quiet interesting to see them swimming over your head.If you ever get a chance to go see an underwater acquarium, please go. I truly think you will enjoy it. As we were coming out, there was an area with some small sharks and sting rays that you could pet, well guess who did, yep, I actually touched a sting ray, the sharks never got close enough for me to touch but I would have. That was awesome.
I am going to post our next weeks schedule, so here goes,
Wed. May 21st...Lowes 955 South Randall Rd.St. Charles, Ill 3-8
Thurs. May 22nd...Home Depot 2000 Butterfield Rd. Downers Grove, Ill 3-8
Fri. May 23rd Wal Mart ...2936East 79th. Ave Merrillville, In * 3-8
Sat. May 24th Home Depot 2920 Audrey Ave Naperville Ill 8-4
Sun. May 25th 1440 S. Rt. 59 Naperville, Ill 8-4
* Please note we will be in Indiana on Friday *
Hope all of you are busy thei morning quilting memories, Later, Bobbin aka J

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Finn said...

Hi C, sounds like it was a lot of fun after all...a bit pricey on the pizza and drinks but I suppose thats normal these days *VBS*
I read your me-me....very clever cutie you are *G*G*G*(note the clever use of c) Thanks for playing along. Be safe on the roadways. Hugs, Finn