Friday, May 9, 2008

Prairie Pieces, Emporia, Ks.

What fun I had on Tuesday. DH and I met his cousin and his wife in Emporia, Ks. That was the half-way point between Olathe ( where we are) and Witchata, We met at Mc Donalds and sat there and talked for a while then decided to get out and ride around a bit and seee the town. As we were riding ( this is a very small town) I said to my DH " are you helping me look?" He just made a grunting sound but his cousins wife asked me what we were looking for and I told her a quilt shop. The very next street we turned on, there was the Prairie Pieces quilt store, so we stopped and all 4 of us went in. There was 3 ladies working there and were delightful. the above pics are some of the quilts they had displayed, I love the blue work of the pattern I am doing the red work on. I just may have to do that also.
So many quilts, so little time ***VBS*** I did purchase some more embroidery patterns. I must get back to that project....
I was very pleasantly surprised when his cousin was telling me that their daughter quilts, hope she will start blogging with us, I would like that.
There was a tornado in our town last night, so far everyone I have contacted has been ok, some pretty shook up, close calls and all, but otherwise ok, so I am thankful for that. When I get news like that, I realize just how far away I am, and sure do get homesick. I am glad all is ok,my prayers were once again answered.
Tomorrow is an early work day so need to get up from here and get ready for bed.
We leave here on Monday for Minnesota, will post that schedule soon...Take care everyone and hope you are busy Quilting Memories. Later, Bobbin aka J

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log cabin quilter said...

What fun to meet some relatives and visit a quilt shop at the same time! Of course, visiting a quilt shop is always good!!! I went to a quilt show in Arlington TX today and a quilt shop after that. A very good day.