Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yep, we are in Racine Wisc., the weather today was georgeous, a little breezy but a beautiful blue sky and the temps were very nice.Tomorrow after we work our event, we will be heading to Ill., not sure where exactly,so not much info there. I do hope sometime while we are in that beautiful state, we will get to Geneva,right now don't have that info. We have a new person doing our schedule this year and they don't seem to think we need more than a few days at a time. Not only would it be nice to know where we are headed,but DH would like to get our motel reservations made a few weeks ahead of time.......needless to say, this has been very frusterating for him and as all you married ladies know, when hubby isn't happy,you most likely aren't either.Well, I'm NOT****
Not much to write about, just wanted to touch base, especially to let the ones I generally comment on their blogs, I have no idea why, but blogger won't let me send any comments. I'm just hopeing that this blog will be posted.
Hope everyone is quilting memories,later, Bobbin

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Hello, Bobbin! Glad to know that you made it safe and sound and that you have nice weather... it's a oven here today! Enjoy a cool breeze for me~