Sunday, April 11, 2010

2 Baby Quilts

Finally, I got a couple of the baby quilts finished***YEEHAW***
I still have 3 to make, but I'm on my way. Well, will be when I get home....heehee
The first one (the blocks )is for a sweet baby girl. I hope when she gets old enough she will drag it with her wherever she goes. But since she is only a month old, that remains to be seen.
The one with the cowboy was LONGGGGGGGGGG OVER DUE....He was already a year old when I got it to him. Mom said he really liked it, I hope so. All these babies are dear to me and I am ashamed of myself ,but I just had a lot of problems last year and didn't sew nearly what all I wanted to.
I have one more baby top to show, but not today, blogger isn't co-operating, maybe tomorrow. After that, until I take more pics, I will have nothing to show. I do hope in the next day or so, to photograph the gift that "Country Log Cabin" gave to me. I wasn't thinking when I very neatly packed it away. But I have to get in the trailer tomorrow or Tuesday and move some things around, so will take pics then.
We are going to be awfully busy this week. We are trying to get ready to head to Va.,and that means everything in the trailer has to be very securely tied down and I also try to downsize things that we have to take in at night while traveling. Of course there's laundry to do also.
We have an event to do on Wed. then the rest of the week we will be at the race track. Hopefully we will be able to leave on Sunday afternoon by around 3pm. and travel a few hours, from here to Va is almost 1300 miles, so that will take a while.
We are at a motel in Lewisville, Texas and will stay here until we head East. That makes life easier,so I know I will be ready to leave ASAP. I can't believe we have been in this motel several days while here in Dallas,with a large Mall right behind us and I haven't even been there.I can see Macy's door from our window. Guess that shows what kind of shopper I am...LOL
Take Care, have a great day, Bobbin

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Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

Wow! Still in Texas!! I bet you are anxious to get home. We're in Florida now with Abigail. I'll try to post pictures soon. DH is not feeling very well - his BP medicine isn't doing the job & gives him a headache. Not as much fun traveling like that! Your baby quilts are darling! Ruth