Saturday, April 10, 2010

What is the name of this pattern?

When we left home Feb. 18th. I had no idea it was going to be this long before I would be posting this quilt. BUTTTTTTT....Obviously it is and I can not possibly tell you what the pattern is nor the fabric line. Shame on me****UGH**** My LQS owner is going to have my head on the chopping block.....sorry "S".............I guess I need to make notes....Anyway....
I made this quilt either the end of Jan, or early Feb. I made it for my LQS,and it really turned out nice. I do plan to make another one when we get home.If you have been keeping up with the last few posts I have written, you know I have a lot of plans for when we get back....heehee
We have been outside all day and other than the wind it has been beautiful. I love the blue skies here, it seems you can see forever... If you've never visited Texas, you really should,I think we have been over most of the state ( we were here 6 weeks last year) and when we leave here next Sunday ( not Tomorrow) we will have been here around Dallas for 4 weeks. I am ready to head back toward home, but this really is a pretty state. Very nice people here as well. So if you get a chance, come on down***you'll be glad you did.
If you come to the races next weekend, come by and visit with me, I'm the oldest woman in the Scott's Booth. We are there to advertise for Scotts lawn products as well as for Carl Edwards. As most of you know my DH and I work for Roush-Fenway Racing and Scotts is one of the sponsors. We also have a corn hole contest, so come by, see me and play a little corn hole. It's a very simple game, you just throw the bags in a hole ( across the lawn)...not hard and there are a lot of females. As a matter of fact, at Atlanta, one of the ladies teams one the "social" event. So come on by, and have a little fun before the race.We are pretty visable, we have a trailer that
is 38ft. long with a picture of Carl and his race car#99....You can't miss us. So come on by.
Have a good weekend and start a new project and quilt a lot of memories, Later Bobbin

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quiltkeemosabe said...

I"m betting that the LQS doesnt' remember the name of that quilt, either! It will take some research and some digging, but we will find it, I"m sure. Just clicked on your blogsite and love the picture of you and your grand-daughter. Glad you're doing well. Things are crazy here as usual. Take care!