Monday, December 13, 2010


***YES*** I have completed 2 of the 4 quilts that I have started,I also have one of the others sandwiched...Plan to work on it tomorrow.....I think I will get it finished quilted ,at least, I may have to wait until Thursday to bind it, but we will see. Then I plan to get the last one sandwiched, so that I can get it done. DONE, now that sounds doable, have been wondering if that word was in my vocabulary, it has been a while since I have fimished a quilt. Some of these quilts ( all are for babies) are quiet a bit larger than the sizes that I usually make, I will definitely be more mindful of that from now on. After Christmas I am going to try to start quilting (again) a top I made several years ago. It's a king size and I have already started quilting it, I soon found out that quilting a quilt that large on a domestic machine is a back breaking job. But I do want it finished , so I can use it on our bed.I't isn't much good lying folded up under my cutting table.
I am sure I will not get that finished very soon, but I do plan to give it to myself for a Christmas gift next year...***LOL***
I have several projects I want to do, so have big plans for 2011.
Our job is done for this year and as I have said, I don't plan to go back, so we are meeting with our boss on Wed. and I will tell her then....I still don't know what my hubby is going to do, and I really don't want him to travel by himself, so I guess I will know what his plans are on Wed. as well.He says he still hasn't made up his mind...........I think at 70 years of age it's time to take life a little easier.
Our daughter just called to inform us that she and her family is going to Ky. for Christmas...I am so bummed out , but what can I say....Her hubby hasn't spent but one Christmas with his Mother in the 25 years they have been together, and I really don't begrudge that, but Christmas won't be the same. Of course, we won't be alone, we still have our son and his family, so am sure they will be with us. They always are.....And that is great.
Will post pictures of the quilts after Christmas, someone that is receiving one of them may be reading my blog....I know they used to, but since I have been so slack in blogging they may have forgotten to check in...LOL
I hope all of you are enjoying getting ready for Christmas, I have about all my shopping done, will probably finish on Wed. after we see our boss. I really don't have much to do, so should have everything done by Wed. night....NOW, if a good fairy would just come wrap them for me...SIGH..Anybody know any good fairies?
Gotta run, will check back soon, hopefully with 2 more finishes...YEAH

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