Saturday, April 24, 2010

News from Richmond, Va.

WOW, everyone should know by now how very excited I am to finally be close? to home.....
and truly I am. I have already had company....our very good and longtime friends came to see us on Wednesday....we enjoyed that a LOT....Then on Thursday my sister and neice came and we spent the day at Short Pump, Va. I didn't buy anything, but I sure did enjoy being with family. My sister and BIL are coming tomorrow and will spend the night, since we are off on Monday we will have a little time to relax and enjoy them. Also tomorrow my nephew and his family are going to come to our event and maybe we can go somewhere and get a bite to eat when we get through, I am lookingforward to seeing them also. I don't get to see them very often, so it will be a treat.
I must remind ya'll of our trip here last year and the fire at the motel,well..................about midnight we were awaken to a very loud ,shrill sirene.....YEP....the fire alarm. Of course I get all excited, am rushing around like something crazy,and my DH says, you know if it's necessary, we can just step out the window....there are definite advantages to being on the first floor. There was no fire this time, just teenagers playing. But, yes we went out the front door like civilized people! Never a dull moment around here***LOL***
Gotta run, take care and hope all is well with you.... BOBBIN

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