Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sewing, sewing, sewing

Yep, I'm sewing, or rather I did the first of the week, I am making a Halloween/fall table runner. It's reversible. I decided I needed something rather small to work on, thinking it would be quick to finish***Yeah Right***. I was at a friend of my sisters last week in Va. and she was telling us how to mark your quilt ( for quilting) with Press and Seal. Sounded easy enough and it really is, but, I am not very patient, so all the marking and then sewing was a bit much, I didn't even get one end of the TR done. But hopefully tomorrow I can work on it some more. I am DETERMINED to get this done.( Wish me luck)I have already decided that the borders will be stippled, at least I know that is quick.LOL
I have to brag on my neice a bit, she is one talented young lady. She emailed me a couple weeks ago and told me she had entered 3 pieces in a quilt show at her LQS, and won 2 blue ribbons and 1 red one...Congratulations to her, but it doesn't stop there....NOPE....I received an email from her today and the owner of her LQS has asked her to make samples for them to hang in the store....yea for Jen...I am so proud of her....Again, congratulations! Maybe someday I can get this computer to let me post pics....who know, actually I think it's operator error. I stink at the picture thing. But I will try again as soon as I get the Table Runner done, of course that may take a while......
Our newest Great grand daughter is growing and getting prettier everyday. The GGS is also a cutie, will try to get their pics on here soon.
Tomorrow night is ( once again) football night at my GD"s school. I plan to go, as she is in the color guard and we like to watch her, you know how grandparents are...hee hee
I must tell you there was some very sad news yesterday in our town, 2 of our police officers was shot, one is still critical,and the other is stable. Pray that they will have a speedy recovery. We have a GS on the force and needless to say when our neighbor called to tell us to turn the TV on, and we heard what had just happened and they hadn't released any names, I was crazy with worry. But I called his other Grandmother and she assured me he was ok, he had worked the night before and was in bed asleep. About 20 minutes later, he called me himself to let me hear his voice so I would know he was ok, I thought that was so sweet, although I certainly didn't doubt his GM's word for one minute.As a matter of fact, when she answered the phone, before I could get through telling her who I was, she was saying, He's ok, He's in the bed asleep.Thank God. Please in your prayers remember the two in the hospital. Thank You in advance.
Please excuse the ramblings on, but sometimes it just makes things better to write them down, and tonight is one of those times for me. So with that said, I will say goodnight and hope everyone has a wonderful night's rest.
Tomorrow I plan to be quilting memories, Always, Bobbin


Nane said...

Glad you are back to sewing. Your GGD is precious!

quiltteacher said...

Can't wait to see the TR, bring it by th shop for us to see.

Carrie P. said...

Great to catch up with you.