Thursday, May 14, 2009

Have you ever been to

SHORT PUMP, VA? Well, you need to go....especially if you like to shop at a very pretty and very interesting place.***VBS***
The shops there are great and the atmosphere is awesome. the
shopping center is called Short Pump Town Centre....Lots of neat stores, also some of the usual ones....Dillards, Macy's, etc..
I want to go back during the Christmas season...actually I think the festivities start around Thanksgiving....There is a train that goes through the inside courtyard and they make snow so the people can enjoy Christmas shopping in the snow.My sister and I went in through Macy's and thought we were going into another store or at least into the mall area that goes from one store to the other....but to our surprise the entire inside is open to the outside...hence the courtyard. The small houses in the picture was of houses for the children to play in.The circle is greenery (live) and flowers and then there's the pump.I am told that a couple years ago all this was was land, with nothing around...They sure have made a stunning shopping area for everyone to enjoy. I want to go back and maybe have a whole day to check it out.

Also, I was reading the comments on Mrs. Goodneedle's blog and someone mentioned going to a town called Solvand, Ca. We went there in Feb. but unfortunately it was late and most everything had already closed and we had to leave shortly after our arrival, but that is definitely a town that I want to return to someday.
Sometimes our work keeps us on the go....but somwday.......I will go back********
We are now back in Charlotte, NC.. about 2 1/2 weeks until we will be home again. I am looking forward to that, as I want to be in my sewing room for a while.I have found out our next GGbaby is a girl, so I must make a quilt for her, and also my DH"s cousins daughter has just found out she is pregnant, so that will be another quilt..At last count, I think I now need to make 4...I guess I need to get busy, and I will.
The weather here today is beautiful and I think we are going to find a restaurant and get us a bite to eat. So take care, my friends,and keep quilting memories, I will join you soon.


quiltkeemosabe said...

When we lived in Richmond, VA we were not that far from Short Pump and I think when we first moved there Short Pump was only a cross roads with maybe 1 or 2 small houses/buildings. By the time we left 3 years later, there was a big new Walmart and a large office park and road construction everywhere. Now you say there is this wonderful mall???? Wow!! Sounds like it would be great place to check out. Hurry home and congrats on the new baby girl!!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I've never heard of Short Pump, it looks great, though. Congrats on all the new babies... a regular population EXPLOSION in your family :) Stay safe, looking forward to seein' you soon!

quiltkeemosabe said...

Actually after looking at the pictures, the little play house that says Short Pump General store is a replica of the building that was there in Short Pump before all this civilization got there! That was all there was!

Libby said...

I grew up very close to Solvang - it's quite a little treat of a place to visit. Of course, it has changed over the years. Many of the shops are now dedicated to wineries thanks to the movie Sidewinder. Still there is a certain charm there that really can be found nowhere else. My favorite is all seeing all the Danish flavor and them you turn and before your eyes is one of the California missions. It's just one of those funny things that really makes it a special place *S*

Carrie P. said...

Sounds like a fun place. Congratulations on the new grandbaby.