Thursday, March 6, 2008

Seventh Heaven Quilt Store

Lookie. Lookie, what I found. Yep, a quilt shop, I just love the name, Seventh Heaven, I think that is quiet unique, and the shop itself was unique. It looks so small from the outside, but there was 5 rooms , and all of them, as well as a long hall, was full of "quilty stuff". Lots and lots of fabrics , and more threads than I have ever seen in one shop, there was also a LOT of quilts on display. I took several pictures and will post some more of them tomorrow. I just love the one with the children on it, and that was Dixie (the owner) cutting the fabric, She was so very nice.
The next picture is a baby quilt that I fell in love with, so I bought the kit so I can make one someday. The fabric that Dixie was cutting was the backing I plan to use. The design in the fabric is trains, and with a new Great grandson coming, I think that will be a great quilt to make "someday". I hope he doesn't have to wait for it until he's college age***LOL***, I have already bought the fabric for one quilt, so I guess he will be able to stay warm...heehee......
I have been so excited because of the warm weather we have been in, almost since we left home, but "OLD MAN WINTER" came calling this afternoon. It has rained hard all day and the wind is blowing about 40 mph, and its almost freezing, will be before the night is over.Glad I brought my heavy winter coat, I sure will enjoy having that tomorrow, as we are supposed to be outside from 3-8pm.........bbbrrrrrr..... I dread having to work tomorrow, but I can at least get in the truck some, but DH will not do that, he will not leave the car without one of us looking after it, so I will try to get him to take turns, but I already know he won't. He will remind me that I am not paid to work on this job, Hard head.............................
We did work inside today, just inside the door and the door was stuck OPEN..... They finally decided to close that one and use the other one about 4pm.. By then I was pretty cold, and the other people that was working up front was complaining ,was happy when they finally closed the darn thing...WE went in early today( rep requested we come in early) so we also got to leave early. That was great.
Hope all of you are warm and dry and quilting memories, catch you later, J

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quiltkeemosabe said...

That quilt shop looks wonderful! what fun! Glad you had some warm weather. It's not too bad here but we did have some wind earlier in the week. Happy Travels!