Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Quilt Pics,Break-in...GGGRRRR

These are two more quilts I took pics of while at Seventh Heaven Quilt Store, I also thought they were very pretty, I would love to give credit to whom ever pieced/quilted them but their names were not on them anywhere that I saw. I love the colors, Brown is really the "in" color now, don't you think. I love brown and pink, this was a deep rose color,the blocks had been fussy cut to get the baskets, not appliqued, well, I don't think so anyway.

This quilt speaks for itself, the colors photographed really well. Very vibrant!!! I loved it as well.
I only have one more pic from there, but Blogger wouldn't let me add it, so maybe tomorrow.
We have to work this afternoon, and DH"s step-sister and her hubby is coming over to sit with us for a while, we will really enjoy that as well as it will help pass the time away. Sometimes these evening events seem very long. But we do have lovely weather today so that is a plus. Also, we will be at a Wal-Mart and I need some toilitries, and I will shop for them,I also need to do some straightening in the trailer. So I guess I will be busy this afternoon.
I was planning to go to the quilt shop here in Round Rock yesterday, but our plans were dirrupted, when we went out to get in the truck, some one had broken my side window and ransacked inside. We are sure they were looking for our GPS system, but we had that inside with us, we take everything of value inside, EVERY NIGHT, They did get a briefcase with all DH's extra work papers, (report forms, addresses,etc.) just a nusiance to have to replace all those things. Obviously we then spent several hours talking to the police, the bosses at work, then getting the window replaced.I was quiet angry,the truck is parked within view of our window and this place is very well lighted. Hubby and I were very comfortable that we were safe as well as the truck was safe, I guess you just never know. The manager here was very upset, it seems that about 2 weeks ago, someone had a car broken and the only thing taken was the GPS system. I guess that is the going thing for thieves now. The only consolation I have, we found a glove lying beside the truck, and it had blood all over it, so I guess whoever done this, cut himself. I hope he had to go to the hospital, the police said they would check that out.This being a small town, they probably will be more apt to check the small things, at home they wouldn't do much of anything. Someone broke into our home several tears ago, and after the police left the premises we never heard another thing. This police officer came back twice yesterday afternoon, checking about different things. Another thing they took was a picture of our Granddaughter, That really bothers me. I had her name, age and where she goes to school on back. Being the worrier that I am, I have imagined all sorts of bad things , so you can see yesterday wasn't a very good day. I DESPISE A THIEF..... Yes, I have called our daughter and told her, she said she would be extra cautious , but we also don't want to scare out GD either, but I had rather be safe than sorry.............Do you think I am over reacting?
Well, its about time to get off here and get on the road, hope all of you are busy today, quilting memories.......................J


Salem Stitcher said...

Oh, that is horrible. I hate that feeling when someone's been in yours stuff. Someone broke into my husband's truck a few years ago and took the stereo system. The truck was sitting right in our driveway in our safe little neighborhood. It is a terrible feeling. And no, I don't think you are overreacting at all. Why take the photo? Not a good feeling at all. Be careful out there!

Libby said...

I love the poetic justice of the thief being injured . . . kharma *s*
We had a wave of bratty teens come through our neighborhood throwing rocks through car windows a couple of years back. They didn't take anything just wanted to be destructive. The police were very helpful and supportive and the punks were found - but they had wealthy parents that hired lawyers and the little brats got away with it. I just have to be happy knowing that that kharma is out there *S*