Sunday, March 9, 2008

Austin schedule. new pics, and happy Birthdays

Here are 3 more pics I took at the Seventh Heaven Quilt shop, hope you enjoy them, Just some of the things I thought was pretty.Do you think they are pretty?
We didn't have a dance Friday night, and I wasn't surprised,I was finding it hard to believe that Home Depot would let that happen** VBS**
Do you think someone may have teasing DH and me because we are new? I think so...........
Saturday, we had to stay outside and it was cold and windy, but today was miserable, we finally had to pack up and leave early, and that was a GREAT idea..............The wind was really strong and as the sun was setting it was beginning to get terribly cold.
We leave here tomorrow am, headed to Austin, sure hope the weather is better there.......
Here is our schedule: Wed, Mar.12th,Wal-Mart in Georgetown at 620 South IH 35 3-8pm
Thurs.,Mar.13th, Home Depot in Austin at 10515 N Mopac NB Expy 3-8 pm
Fri,mar14th, Lowe's in Austin at 6400 Brodie Lane 3-8 pm
Sat,.Mar15., Home Depot in Round Rock at 2551 S Interstate Hwy 35 8am-4pm
Sun,Mar 16th., Home DEpot in Temple at 3550 S General Bruce Dr 8am-4pm
We have already been told the time for Saturday may change, as soon as I know for sure I will post the new time.............. I am still looking for some of you bloggers out there....LOL...
Also Log Cabin Quilter commented on my blog that she was from the Dallas area, these are the towns we will be in starting on Mar 26th, Mansfield, Arlington,Rockwall, Wylie, Allen, Garland,Fort Worth, Denton and Flower Mound. We are scheduled to do a Lowe's Fan Fest on April 3rd, but they failed to say where............. Will post more after we get through in Austin and get back to Texas, we are going home for a few days between Mar17th and 25th. Log Cabin Quilter if you are reading this please email me and maybe you can come to one of these places. Hope to hear from you soon.
I must get up from here and get my things ready to move again tomorrow. We have not brought nearly as much stuff in thie week as we did last, so won't take too long................
Of course, we were at a Lowe's yesterday, and there was a Target on one side and a Kohls on the other, it was quiet a little hike, but I went to both places. I bought myself 4 tops. 2 tops for our Grandaughter and a couple ( well maybe more than a couple) things for our new Great Grandson that is on the way. All this shopping is my DH's fault, if he had gotten the generator fixed and I could be sewing I would have been too busy to shop.... All of you BELIEVE that, don't you??????????
On the serious side, he has tried really hard to get that darn generator working, even had it worked on, all to no avail. But his boss has assured us that we have a new one waiting on us as soon as we get home for Easter, it will be put in the trailer, and it should be large enough to run everything we want to use at one time.... That will be nice and since that remark was made by the "big" boss, I feel sure it is sitting there all shiney and pretty waiting for us....VBS... Then I will be a happy camper.Probably still shop some, but don't tell DH, I wan't to surprise him......heehee
Today is our Grandaughters 13th birthday, has been a tough day for me. I have always been with her on her special day...........She called me this morning to Thank me for her gift, I was surprised, I had planned to call her, but was waiting for church to be over, but they went to the early service and had somewhere else to go this afternoon, so she wanted to catch up with us.
Her cousin was taking her to lunch then shopping then there was going to be cake and ice cream at the church (youth) tonight. She does stay busy, but I feel kinda sorry for her, not only are we gone but so is her Daddy. He will be home a couple days before us, but he will get to stay for about 6 weeks.She sure does miss all of us, but not nearly as much as I miss my little "Love Bug".Happy Birthday, Love Bug.......
Then Monday is my sister's 60th birthday, and I won't get to be with her either, so this has been a sad weekend for me, yes, I know I will get through these two days, but I don't have to like it, Do I????????????????????
OK, Ok, I am going to quit whining and get off here, hope I will soon be , once again, Quilting Memories....That will make me have a ********VBS*********** J


quiltteacher said...

Ok, tell me about the table runners you saw. I went to Seventh Heaven web site and saw them there also. Club? Kits? See you in a week.

Libby said...

Wow - this is a great quilt shop tour . . . thanks for sharing *s*

Salem Stitcher said...

I love that little table runner with the hearts. Very sweet!

Finn said...

Hi J, I'm leaving big hugs for the pain of missing birthdays. I'm sure you'll be making up for missing them with extra hugs and kisses when you are back home.
Love the Seventh Heaven store. Could you just pack it up and bring it with you, please?? Especially that star quilt! Take care and be safe, Hugs, Finn