Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well,look what my daughter done while I was traveling***VBS***. Yes, she surprised me, although I left her the fabric to make this top. I really did NOT think she would do it,but as you can see she proved me wrong..**ANOTHER VBS***.

Several years ago my DH came home with a bag of scraps he had purchased and I was going to just randomly sew them together and see what I got. I got very tired of that in a big hurry. I have since decided I must have a pattern and a plan. Not sure I will ever be content to sew a crazy quilt. But, she (DD) was there when I was gathering some "stuff" to bring with me on the road, and she mentioned she would like to make a crazy quilt ( her version of one anyhow), so I remembered the bin of scraps and gave then to her. I really never thought she would put together a quilt top.( Don't our children love to prove us wrong???) I was very surprised when she came in with that quilt top finished. Don't get me wrong, I knew she could do it, she has sewn for many, many years,very sporadically, but she has sewed,So I am so PROUD of her, I want the whole blog world to know....YEAH...

So now, I have given her the fabric for the backing ( she must get the batting herself), I did tell her to go to the LQS so they would sell her what she needs. She plans to tye it and I think that will be a good choice.I just wish I was there to enjoy watching her accompolish all this, but we talk on the phone almost daily so she will now keep me up to date.To me,this is more exciting than making one myself. Now do I sound like a silly Mom or what??? So let me say, KatRat if you are reading this you have one proud Mom sitting here with tears in her eyes just thinking about you sitting at your machine sewing away. Keep up the good work**VBS**

Well, this silly old woman is going to get off here and see who else I need to get in touch with, hope to be quilting memories of my own on Thursday. Tomorrow one of my new quilting blog friends is meeting me and we are planning to go to dinner. I can't wait.Later, J


Salem Stitcher said...

What a wonderful quilt! And a even more wonderful surprise!

Finn said...

Hi J, what a wonderful surprise! And what a great accomplishment, I think her quilt top looks marvelous.
So many critics of new quilters should remember that we all start somewhere, and are usually embararreed later to show our early efforts. I'd be proud as punch if one of my DD's decided to sew ANYTHING!
It's alot harder to work with odds and ends than it is to make from a pattern and a plan. Three BIG cheers for you great daughter and for you. I'd be so proud..hope your shir doesn't have buttons! Big hugs for sewing daughters, momas and meeting blogging friends for lunch, Finn

Nane said...

One of my sister's has made a quilt top since my Mom's been gone...and I feel like I can get the other one to eventually make one too. They may just make one, but its neat. Great Surprise!

quiltteacher said...

She takes after her DM!!!!