Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Pics of the Quilting Connection

A few more pics of the inside of the Quilters Connection in Dallas. That was a lovely shop, if you are ever in Dallas on Plano Rd. you should plan to visit them. They did ask me not to post their pics and I promised them I wouldn't, but you will definitely like them, I know I did.I have a few more pics and will get them posted in the next couple days***VBS***
Well, I met a new blogging friend this afternoon, she was very nice, we seemed to have things in common, children,G-kids, work, husbands, been married a very long time then SEWING.She has a nice blog site. I will post it tomorrow as I have already forgotten it. I KNOW, I have lost my mind, but that can't be helped....VBF,,(frown).I also think we are about the same age..
I will get my ducks in a row tomorrow and post again.
Have fun quilting memories everyone. J


Salem Stitcher said...

How cool that you get to see different shops and meet blog friends! Of course, there has to be something fun to make up for being away from home for so long and on top of that dealing with truck troubles. I hope they get a new truck to you soon. What a pain!

Be safe!

quiltkeemosabe said...

Loved the pictures. Am going to try and find that one pattern on the bed. Was it called Fiddlesticks??? have fun