Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sewing Room Pic.

This is a new shelf my DH put up for me in January, that completed ALL the space I can use in my Sewing Room. Of course this isn't the entire shelf unit.It has 8 shelves,and is 5 ft. wide. I can store lots of stuff. All the rest of my storage units have doors. As Judy said in her blog it takes a while to get everything where you want is. I like my machine at the window. I like to look outside and see nature and whatever is going on up and down the road. I also have a nice cutting area. It is higher, so that makes it easier to stand there for long periods of time. Will get some pics soon.
I remade a BOM yesterday, It was the second one we made and I wasn't satisfied with it, but now it looks better. If the weather is nice tomorrow I plan to take them outside and take pictures. I do think it is supposed to be bright and sunny. I sure hope so, I love it when I can see the SUN.
Today I decided that I will use another panel to make the baby quilt for my G-Nephew. That is what I done for his cousin,so it will be ok. I am trying to get all the panels I have made into baby quilts. Will not buy anymore. Bought the ones I have, before I started piecing my quilts. So It won't take long, but I will not complete it until he arrives, as I will embroider his name at the top and birthdate at the bottom. but will have everything that I can, done, so when he gets here I can get it to them within a couple weeks.
I am the type person, when I start something I finish it before I start a new project. I have NO UFO'S. That would drive me crazy. I truly don't like to have more than one thing working.I know I am crazy, but that is me.
I did start cutting out the quilt I talked about in my last post, so will have that and the baby quilt working at the same time, so you will probably read a lot of whining!!!!
I will also try to get some more pics of my sewing room, I am just happy to have my on space for sewing, it was our darughters bedroom for 21 years, we made a guest room out of our sons room. I sewed for many years in my dining area, and that was really inconvinent. But we all make do with what we have.
Tomorrow is Monday, hope everyone will be quilting memories, as for me, I will be in my sewing room but unfortunately, the laundry will have to get done also. So it won't be all fun, but some. Take care and make some time for quilting Memories.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your sewing room looks neat and organized. It's fun to look at our accumulated books and notions without doors on open shelving but then there's things that NEED to be put behind closed doors... at least in my sewing room there are! I have too many UFO's to count!!

Nancy said...

Thanks for stopping to visit my blog. :-) what a neatly organized shelf! It's the look I'm trying for in my own sewing room.

I have my sewing machine in front of my window also. I love to watch the critters playing outside my window. Never know if it's gonna be cats or deer, the occasional raccoon or a visiting horse. :-)

And I have to tell you - NEVER apologize for not having any UFOs!!!!! I wish I was more disciplined like you are. I started the year at 94, finished 1, started 10 or 12 more and after donating 20 tops and assorted UFOS to charity I STILL have almost as many as I started the year with!!!

quiltkeemosabe said...

I checked your curtains out and they are wonderful

Libby said...

The shelves look great - someday I hope to have a nice arrangement, too *s*
Love that you are doing laundry on Monday - I like to follow the old dish towel embroideries that my grandma made 'Monday - Wash Day' *s*