Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I done it !!!!!!!!!!!! All by myself this time. Thanks to a very patient husband and a wonderful new found friend. This baby quilt I made last year for my good friends new great grand daughter. The hand bags ,I also made. They were for the same friends 2 grand daughters. And Yes, that is me. A terrible picture, but then I don't like any pictures made of me. I try real hard not to get in any , but got caught in here.

The 2 pics below are curtains for the sewing room , I made a couple years ago, I had fun with them.The design in the middle of both the checked part is an ornament from Bernina with a lace piece behind them. The other designs I embroidered on my machine.

Well, hopefully now I can post new things that I do, I do have some more things I want to share ,but that can be another time.

Tomorrow I plan to start my new BOM"S that I picked up today and then start cutting out the new baby quilt I have planned.. SOOOOOOOOOO, tomorrow I will be quilting memories.Hope everyone is warm and dry with their feet still on the ground. (We have had some horrendous winds).

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm impressed! The pictures add a lot, great job!! I love the embroidered baby quilt... love it, love it! What font did you use? I cannot wait it see more... if you're startingyour BOM's already I guess I need to also, it's gonna be tough keeping up with you. (Maybe it was the super-caffeinated brownie giving you all this get up and go!!)