Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ceramic Quilt Santa

Am I early or am I late????????? I know you will think I am crazy, but I wanted to post a pic of something I had painted. I have had a ceramic shop for 24 years,well until August of 2006,when we closed it. I have not sold it yet, but would love to. Anyway, over the years I painted LOTS of ceramics. I started a collection of Santas,many,many years before so many other people did, My collection contains about 500 or so.I keep a lot of them out on display. Probably half my Santas are tree ornaments.But most of the rest are in my hutch. NO dishes , just Santas!! Anyway this Santa is my quilt Santa.The quilt he is holding is a bearpaw pattern.I hope you enjoy looking at him as much as I do. He is my sewing companion. The bear was a gift from a friend, he's fuzzy and holding a spool of thread. Cute,huh???

Hubby and I were told last week our next working trip will be in a couple weeks , we are going to Las Vegas.When we get there, we will have some free time, I'm sure. Does anyone know or any fabric shops there????? I am looking forward to being in Vegas. WE went through there about 30 years ago, but didn't even stop. Our DD wasn't old enough to go into any of the casino's,and at the time, I wasn't looking for any fabric shops.I also am not much of a shopper of anything else, except fabrics. So we just came on home. Of course from LV it takes about 4 days of driving about 8-10 hours a day. But we both love to travel, so this trip will be fun.We are both looking forward to going, we also have a friend who moved out there just a few months ago, so hopefully we will get to see her. We worked very close to home this past weekend, but had to stay the night. So didn't get any sewing done over the weekend either.

I have been cutting out 2 quilts, so maybe in a day or so , I can start sewing, I am so ready to sew again. But I cleaned house yesterday and I must iron today. It will take me at least 2-3 hours to get my ironing done. Then I will go to our LQS, she is doing demonstrations every day this week as part of her anniversary sales promotions. Yesterday one her salesladies demoed the new software for our machines. Quite interesting, but I don't mess with those types of things, Hubby does all those things for me, then puts everything on a CD, and I embroider whatever it is.He was impressed with the new software tho. I am thinking that would make him a nice Christmas gift. Haven't made my mind up yet!!!!!!!!

This isn't getting my ironing done, so think I will get off here and get busy. Even though I can't sew today, hopefully some of you will be quilting memories today. Quilt a block for ME!!!!!!!!


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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Santa is one handsome fella! I love him with the quilt and all... very, very nice! I didn't know about your painting and your business. I can't help with any quilt shops in Vegas...