Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Where did the week go

Wow,it's already Thursday, where did this week go? We had company come for a while last night, the lady and her hubby that I made the quilt for, they are going camping(They have a motor home )and came by here for a short while. I was glad to see them and especially glad I had not mailed her quilt, as I got to give it to her in person. That just makes giving someone a gift so much more enjoyable, don't you agree? She really liked it, but then I knew she would, she appreciates anything anyone does for her.I told her she could wrap it around her while she sat by the campfire and her husband laughed and said the last time she wrapped up and sat be a fire she burned a hole in the quilt her D-I-L had given her, so she assured me she doesn't do that anymore.!!!!They are such delightful people and we enjoy their company so much, I hate that we are leaving early in the am, they probably would have stayed longer. But that is the way things happen sometime.
I am dreading our trip to Detroit, am told we will be working outside, so it will be COLD, but we are going to get together with my nephew and his family and a cousin for dinner one night, so that will be nice. Am looking forward to seeing all of them. My nephew has 2 children a girl and a boy. Both still young, so are fun to be with. I also like his wife a lot too, my cousin isn't married, but that is ok, he seems to be happy and that is all that counts.
Well, spring came back yesterday but it sure is gone today, it is quite chilly outside. We went for breakfast this am with our friends, then they left and my DH had to go to work, have been lazy myself, but must get up from here and do some packing. I never know when my husband will decide to leave early. He is always EARLY, everywhere he goes. If you tell him something is going on at 6pm, he will be there at 5:30. He drives me crazy........You would think after almost 50 years I would be used to that, but apparently not. Maybe I am a SLOW LEARNER ......... LOL
Am going to start another baby quilt when I get home,next week,The pattern is in the book, Super Simple Strips, by Nancy Smith and Lynda Mulligan. The name of it is Teddy Bear Time. I plan to make mine smaller than they did and don't think I will quilt the bears on it, will probably quilt mine with hearts on the strips and borders. Have got most of my short pieces of fabric ready to cut out and my muslin is ready also, will probably do that then decide what colors I want between them. I plan to use a lot of bright colors in my short strips. have gone through all my stash and got the fabrics I think I will use, so have it fairly well planned out. Wish me luck, I am still apprensehive when I start the cutting, but do plan to get started early next week.
Do any of you have any tips that would help me be able to post pictures? We still aren't being successful and I really do want to get started , so if you can help me ,I would appreciate any info you have.Thanks ahead of time. Must get off here and get the packing done. Hubby just called and did say we were going to leave in the am, so don't have to be in a big hurry.
All of you have a good weekend and make some quilting memories and think of me while doing so. Bye now!!!!!!!!

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Next time I see you we can talk about loading photos, I don't know what kind of camera you have and how you upload them to your computer but putting them in the blog from there is fairly simple and straight forward. See you soon!