Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Hello everyone, what wonderful weather we had today. But supposed to be cold for the next several days. But that is the way spring is around here. Hopefully warmer weather will be here to stay in a few more days. Let's hope so anyway.
Ms. Goodneedle, I read your comments about ironing on your blog. I was glad to hear that others still iron, because I sure do. I can not wear clothes that haven't been ironed. I feel "unfinished" when my clothes are wrinkled. But of course thats just me!!!!!!!!! I also like them hung in the closet my "special" way. My family tells me I am crazy, even my Doctor told me I needed to retire my iron. He say's it's not good for me to iron. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia, which both is really painful and ironing doesn't help that. So far, though I still iron. I usually have a fairly large ironing each week. Maybe someday I will give it up, but not just yet!!!!!!!!!
I ironed my children's clothes until they left home. I was really distraught when they came back in unironed clothes, but even our daughter doesn't iron. I guess I'm just old and set in my ways.
Hope all of you stay warm and get to sew tomorrow and make some beautiful quilting memories. See Ya next time.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You know, I was shopping with my daughter in Raleigh and I saw a very pretty blouse, but it was hanging in the store all gobbed up and wrinkly like it had come out of the bottom of a hamper. Just then a salesgirl came by and asked if she could help me, I told her how much I liked the blouse but mentioned that it looked so wrinkled and she said "Oh, I know... it's supposed to, we even tried steaming it before we set it out for sale but the wrinkles are permanent!" Can you believe that? I didn't buy a blouse that day.

Finn said...

Hello from my little corner of WI, *VBS* and thanks for stopping by over at Pieces. It's always nice to see a new face. I think we probably have lots in common. If I had stayed married to DH, it would have been 48 years in May. We parted ways in 1996, and I'm fine on my own for this last part..*VBS*
It sounds like you were in loving situation while being raised. And of course, children don't get to choose, do they?
Despite having loving parents, my closest bond with with my Mom's mother, Gram Lottie, who lived with us from when I was 15 months til I was a teenager.
I look forward to seeing pictures, and if I can be of any help with getting them onto your blog, give a hollar. Hugs, Finn
P.S. Have a wonderful Easter!