Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Went to our quilt guild meeting last night, as always Show and Tell was all very pretty quilts. I do enjoy that part, as I really haven't participated in any of the activities or Bees , I generally don't know what is going on. I have meet some very nice ladies and have enjoyed MOST of the speakers. The speaker last night is a very lovely lady and very talented, she had some beautiful quilts and told a little of her back ground. I always find other people's lives so interesting.
Today I have been contemplating what kind of new quilt I want to start, I plan to make at least one more baby quilt to put away for any future great grand children I may be blessed with. I have several things in mind just can't seem to decide, but am not in much of a hurry.
Hubby and I got our itenerary for our traveling this summer, we will go to Lake Tahoe,Rock Rapids, Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa, Pa., Portland Oregon,Denver Colo, and Austin Texas.Will be gone all month of July and most of the next 3 months. That should take care of my eagerness to travel for this year. Haven't ever been away from my home and family that long, sure hope I like it, as it is out job, so we can't decide we will turn around and come home.We have traveled some over our married life, not a great deal, have driven to California twice, so saw a lot then, but this time we will be covering a lot of area we haven't seen before. I am so looking forward to going, wish we could leave tomorrow!!!!!!
We are eagerly waiting to find out whether we are having a great niece or nephew,they hope to find out next month, then I can get their quilt started. I never finish a "special" quilt until baby arrives, that way I can embroider name and birthdate on it.Have done several and the parents seem to appreciate them.
The weather was beautiful again today, we walked 1and 1/2 mile,Am a little tired this evening, haven't felt real good today, and really haven't done very much, but we all deserve a day to do nothing if that is what we want to do.RIGHT!!!!!!!!
Have been separating some of my scraps,will give some of them away and do something with the rest. Several of you ladies have gotten me interested in doing a string quilt, will wait and see, must do the baby quilts first.I also have all the charm blocks to think about too. I have a new template that will make a nice charm quilt. maybe someday I will get all these quilts that is in my head made. Do you think so???????????
Hope all of you have had a blessed day and Making lots of quilting Memories!!!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I could never live long enough to make all the quilt I want to, honestly! But I think you're more disciplined that I am in that regard... I will miss you when you're gone for so-o-o-o long. Your trip sounds fabulous, though!

Quilt Memories said...

Discipline isn't a word I would use to describe myself LOL,Haphazard would be better.
We are looking forward to seeing the country, should be interesting. Hope so anyway. J

Shelina said...

There isn't time on earth for me to make all the quilts that are floating in my head. I am hoping that eventually some of them will just evaporate in there.