Sunday, March 18, 2007

Still Straightening Sewing Room

If any one finds a blog from me floating around in blogland, just know my DH and I was trying to post some pics, and were not successful and also lost everything I had just posted. OH WELL,I have been back in my sewing room, I decided to go ahead and finish cleaning the rest of the cabinets, I still have the one to straighten that has all my hoilday fabrics in it, I don't know how it gets so messy, I have never made a holiday quilt, so all that fabric should be nice and straight, I think there must be Gremlins in my house, they also come in and make a mess of the rest of the house too.Maybe it's the dust bunnies getting revenge!!!!!!!!!
I will be by myself most of the day tomorrow, maybe I can get finished, although I must do some work on this house, or the dust bunnies ARE going to carry me away.
I do hope every one has had a very nice weekend, we have, it's been quiet around here, it was too cold for us to even get out and walk. I will be glad when Spring is here, I am not fond of cold weather.
Ms. GN, I hope your pig picking went well, I did my sun dance but apparently forgot to do my dance for warm weather, will try to do better next time!!!!!!!!!!
As for me, this week I PLAN to make some Quilting Memories, hope you do too. Stay warm everyone.

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The sun was deeply appreciated, thanks for that; it was chilly, though! I will be working on my blocks of the month today... nothing like the pressure of a deadline. Ha!