Sunday, March 4, 2007

Quilt Pics

Well, I finally got my hubby to take pics of my quilts, but as you can see we have a lot to learn.Anyway the first on is the latest one, I finished it today. Hope you can turn it around so you can see it better. I finished the other one last fall. Both of them are what I call my Wannabe quilts. I WANNABE a great grandmother real bad. So I am prepareing, hoping my oldest GS and wife will take the hint. So far it isn't working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't say I'm not trying!!!LOL
Hope all of you have had a great weekend and maybe got to sew, I have sewn about all weekend, and have loved every minute of it. But must get my Tax info together tomorrow so I can take it to our CPA. I am always the last one there.
The weather here yesterday was beautiful but has been cold today. I am sooooo ready for Spring.
Happy sewing.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Hi, Jewell! "Someone" (guess who?) sent me your blog link... great baby quilts. I will hope right along with you that you have a baby "recipient" before too long.

Libby said...

Any baby will be lucky to have them.