Friday, March 23, 2007

Good evening everyone, hope your weather was as nice where you live as ours was today, the weather lady said it was 83 degrees today, we set a record.It was plenty warm when we went for our walk.We walked almost 2 miles, and I was whipped when we got through. But I do like hot weather,and I will get used to walking when its hot soon, I'm sure.
Yesterday hubby tried (once again) to post some pictures for me, we thought he had , and I wrote about them and clicked publish and they left, have NO idea where they are. That is so frusterating.(sp:::) He said he would try again soon, one day I will have some of my sewing to show. We are determined!!!!
I picked up my BOM "s Tuesday and finished them yesterday, I am getting a little better, My Instructor keeps encouraging me, and I do appreciate her for that. Ms. G, are you reading this??? Yes, I am done until we get some more. I wanted so badly to post them, but maybe next time, I do think they are pretty.
I cut out another quilt yesterday and today, only to discover I needed 7 more inches of the border fabric, so went to LQS, and was lucky, they did have it, so tomorrow will finish cutting that out and hopefully get some sewing done on that. I also found a top for a baby quilt that I have embroidered,(the first one I embroidered when I got my machine 4 years ago,) I had forgotten it, I guess it does pay to straighten up occasionaly!!!!! I want to cut out the backing for that, I have some fabric I can use, and keep extra batting here, so will try to work on that as well.
What I REALLY need to do is some housework, so will start that as well. I don't have a very large house, but I can't dust and vacuum it all in one day.Hubby will vacuum for me most of the time. Will decide what I am going to do when I get up, according to how I feel. Not as young as I used to be. Gets harder and harder to get everything done!!!!
Wishing everyone a great weekend and wonderful quilting Memories. Later Everyone

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Yes, I am reading this and am completely and thoroughly green with envy that you already have completed NEXT month's BOM's. You're just too far ahead for me!! ;)