Sunday, March 11, 2007

BOM"S and Charming Cotton Club

Today took me a little time to get my head on straight, I think I miss my hour we lost this am. However I have been quiet busy this afternoon. Cut out my 2 BOM's and have them partially pieced, I am so slow, but am trying.Hope to finish tomorrow, but will have to share my machine with my hubby. He digitizes designs and finished one today, so will need to embroidery it tomorrow, hopefully it won't take him to long. I have another sewing machine, but having already started on this one, I hate to change. Should have thought of that before I started sewing today, knew he wanted to sew tomorrow. OH WELL, I do have to cut out 28 --5inch square blocks for our charming cotton club. We each (there are 14 of us) take 2 colors of fabric and cut 5' squares to share, hopefully to make a charm quilt. That should be interesting for me, I have trouble with the BOM's, so maybe will learn something else new. I think I am getting too old to learn all these new things!!!! I do wish I had gotten interested in quilting long, long ago. But unfortunately I can't turn back time like we turn our clocks!! I also may cut my squares for next month's club, I already have the fabric and it is washed and pressed, so that would be a step ahead, and that would be nice.
Friday was my Granddaughters 12th. Birthday, where has the time gone, we all went to dinner last night, and I almost cried, she is no longer a little girl, she has definitely become a beautiful young lady. I must have been asleep, I don't remember the change, did it happen overnight?????
Yesterday was my sweet sister's birthday, she is a very special person in my life, I do so enjoy what time we have together. She lives about 5 hours away, and I don't see her nearly enough, I sure do miss her.If YOU are reading this please know I LOVE you and miss you. Hope we can see each other soon. We do have some good times when we get together. We leave hubbys to fend for themselves and go do "our thing" , which is usually go to the LQS and whichever ones that are nearby. We can always find a quilt shop. We may get lost (WE USUALLY DO ) but we always find the quilt shops before we go home!!!!!!!!!
The weather was outstanding here today, hubby and I walked a mile, was great being in the great outdoors. We hope by Wednesday to increase our walks to 1 and 1/2 miles, and gradually get back up to at least the 3 miles we were walking in the fall. Hope all of you have had a great weekend and the week to come will be even better.
Happy Quilting Everyone

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Happy Quilting to you! You're well on your way... I have some ideas for my charming cottons already ;)