Monday, March 5, 2007


Thanks for the nice comments, I did so enjoy making these quilts and am axiously awaiting to be a GGM.Our nephew and his wife are due in a few months, this will be their first, am going to wait to see what sex the baby is before I start them a quilt. I am excited for them, they lost one last summer, so that makes this one extra special, of course they are all special.
The top quilt is pastels, and the bottom one was primary colors, now I have to make at least one more, haven't decided what color or design yet. I have several more projects to finish before I begin a new one. If I don't get some housework done, my house is going to rot!!!!!!!! LOL, also working on our taxes all day today, maybe I can get them done tomorrow. I hate that job.
Ms. Goodneedle ( I love that name ) and Libby I do enjoy reading your blogs, and Ms. GN it is fun reading someones blog that I know, ( Even a little) And YES, I know who told you what my blogsite was, and that is ok. I sure do like her, she has been so helpful to me, and made me feel so welcome at the guild meetings. I am looking forward to this months meeting, I like Kaye too. She is so bubbly.And seems to be a very accompolished quilter, so she should be interesting.
I plan to go to Shirley's either Wednesday or Thursday, want to show her my quilt. Hope she likes it.
Hope everyone has had a blessed day, and happy quilting.


Libby said...

Making baby quilts could become a happy occupation. Enjoy!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Any baby would be one lucky little one to wrapped in this much love! I'll pray for a happy, healthy pregnancy for your nephew and his wife!