Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quilt Quarters, Indiana

Obviously the name of this quilt store is Quilt Quarters. It is located in Indianapolis, In. A very nice store.In a beautiful shopping center. The owner said she had been there for 8 years, but the store still felt new.Very neat and clean. Lots of pretty quilts to enjoy looking at and lots of patterns and notions.It took a while ( maybe 30 minutes) before any one even spoke to me, but when I asked a question, they were very friendly and helpful. There were several workers there and a couple more (beside me) shoppers there, so I guess they were pre-occupied! But I would go back because the shop was so nice. I probably spent an hour or so there and I am sure I missed a lot.I purchased 4 baby panels. I want to make our GGS another quilt and our friends in Va. is going to be GG parents again, so I will make their new one a quilt.I like to use panels, they are so much quicker and easier and the new parents doesn't know the difference. I know, that's terrible of me to think that way, and I do make pieced baby quilts, just not every time**

The quilts and block that I have pics of, all were taken there. Once again, I didn't get the name of anyone that made the quilts I am showing, but they were all on display there, and I am sure either the owner or one of the employees made them*

This block was one of my favorite, sorry it is blurred, but the block itself looked blurred. I think that was the way it is supposed to look. But it caught my eye**VBS**

Of course having a teenage GD, this pocketbook quilt yelled my name.Yea* It said, hey, Mamaw, I sure would like this for my bed** Will I make her one? Probably not...Sorry Love Bug

Nope, I won't make this one either, but I thought it was cute. The straps on the shoes stood out and looked like real flip-flops. Very girley**

Now, I want to post our schedule for next week, we will be in the Louisville, Ky. area,remember, Wed, Thurs and Fri we work 3-8pm and Sat and Sun we work from 8am-4pm.

Wed, 7/30 Home Depot 964 Breckenridge Lane

Thurs, 7/31 Lowes 501 Hurstbourne Pky.

Fri. 8/1 Home Depot 2600 Hurstbourne Pky.

Sat. 8/2 Lowes 4930 North Healthcare Blvd.

Sun. 8/3 Home Depot 10301 Westport Rd.

All these places are listed as being in Louisville, so if you get a chance come by. You'll catch me sitting in a chair, probably embroidering, I'm still working on my Red Work.

Hope everyone is having a fun weekend quilting memories


Nane said...

How fun that you get to see all these shops. It a lot of the same I am sure but they all have different ways of displaying and using fabrics.

Libby said...

Oh how I love joining you on your amazing quilt shop hop *s*

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

So, where were you in IN? I used to be the *fabric manager* at a store in Lafayette. Don't laugh. I can manage fabric, I promise! Ha!! That was way back in the day...