Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Quilt store in Piqua, Oh

What a unique, but very small shop!

She told me she had been open there for 6 years, I thought the name was pretty unique also, Blackberry Patchwork.She is on the main street of Piqua,Ohio. This is a very small town, but a lot of nice people.The motel we stayed in was attached to the mall, nice for shopping! Usually on Friday and Saturday nights we just stay in the room and be lazy, but there we got ourselves out and walked around the stores. Slept better at night.

Back to the quilt store,she had a LOT of fat quarters, as well as a nice variety of fabrics, and lots of wool. I don't use wool but if you are interested , I am sure I could get her address off my receipt. I would think she would mail you whatever you want. The design to the left, is on the ceiling as you go inside her store, yep, just look up as you start inside and you will enjoy seeing what I did.

i went to another store today, we are now in Indiana, and will post about that soon.But first i want to tell everyone about our experiences this weekend. We were at the Dayton Airshow, and that was faboulous! But a little excitement ( I think weird things follow us) , you may have read in your local newspaper about the boeing 747 having to make an emergency landing, well that's where it landed. It is very unnerving to have the speaker come on telling everyone we have an emergency landing coming in and we have to prepare the runway and clear the airspace.That DOES get your attention! But i was certainly impressed with the way everything was handled. they kept us informed of everything as it was happening and why they were doing the things they did. I hope if I am ever involved in a situation like that , those people are in charge! So congratulations to the Dayton Air Field, You did a wonderful job!

We also worked with some equally as nice people this weekend, when we have such nice people to work with and ones that are willing to do their job,(that makes my DH's job so much easier)it makes us greatful to the Roush-Fenway and Scott's Company for letting us be a part.We definitely have made some friends, and hope to keep in touch with them forever...VBS...

This is our schedule for nthis week, as I said we are in Indiana, the Indianapolis area, so keep that in mind!

Wed.,7/23 Wal Mart 2001 East 151st. Street Carmel, 3-8pm

Thurs., 7/24 Lowes 4444 South Emerson Ave Indianapolis 10am-2pm

Fri., 7/25 Home Depot 9855 North Michigan Road Carmel 3-8pm

Sat., 7/26 Home Depot 9320 Corporation Drive Indianapolis 9am-2pm

Sun., 7/27 Lowes 8850 South Madison Ave. Indianapolis 9am-2pm

Next week we will be in Louisville, Ky. then we are going home for a break. If you get a chance, come by and visit, I would love to meet you!

Take care , and keep quilting memories............................................................Bobbin


country log cabin quilter said...

Did you buy anything at the quilt shop? I have been buying quite a bit of fabric lately - I have many projects planned. I wonder why my projects can't use up my stash fabrics? I guess I will have to wait to use it up when I retire and I have more time for sewing. Hee Hee!

Salem Stitcher said...

The shop looks very neat. Can't wait to hear about the next one!

Nane said...

I bet the airshow was great, my parents met at the Air Force base in Dayton. Great Shop Photos