Monday, July 14, 2008

I took a nasty fall

OK, Blogger isn't co-operating with me,So far no pics.....Sorry! We have arrived back in Ohio, in the Dayton area. In a motel that's attached to a MALL..... and my DH picked it out....He may well wish he hadn't...LOL....***VBS***I'm going shopping tomorrow to try to find me a couple pair black pants ( I am required to wear black pants), I have been wearing the same few pair since Feb. and I am soooooooo tired of them, but the real reason is because I didn't do laundry at the motel yesterday, and this motel doesn'thave a washer and dryer !!!! There isn't one in this small town either,this is the second town I have ever been in that didn't have a laundromat....I also need to get a couple things for DH, I really do think this is a funny situation to be in....Of course it may not be so funny if I can't find what we need.The population here is probably no more than a few thousand, so I am sure the mall isn't very big.....will see tomorrow.....wish me luck!!!
Well, I FELL on Saturday. From a standing position , straight down on my right shoulder. It is still bothering me a LOT.I had been to the doctor when I was home for the 4th and got a cortisone shot. I have know for about 2 years I have a torn rotator cuff, and I have been in a lot of pain, so much so it was waking me at night, so falling sure didn't help me any. I also skinned up my right arm, below my elbow, my right knee is bruised pretty badly, and I turned both my ankles. I am in a mess, but thank goodness I don't think anything is broken. I have no idea why I fell, I just remember walking towards our truck, and the next thing I remember was the lady that was helping with our event, saying" she took a very hard fall" and then my Dh and the rep was standing over me asking questions, of which I didn't know the answers. Will go to the Dr. when I get home. May need to check all this out.
I seriously doubt there are any quilt shops here, but will check tomorrow and see if I can find one, or at least something interesting to post about. Take care and keep on quilting memories,



quiltkeemosabe said...

Be careful out there!!!! Don't want you doing things like that. and just where are you today??? You're up in my old stomping ground so I'm really curious. Let me know.

country log cabin quilter said...

Hope you are feeling better! Glad you didn't break anything, but it still takes a while to recover from a fall. BTW, congratulations on your new GGS!!! How much did he weigh! A new baby in the family is a wonderful blessing!

Salem Stitcher said...

Take care of yourself! The fall sounded awful!

Nane said...

Hope you are getting over your accident. My Aunt lives in Columbus so I will have to check out a few of these shops next time I visit!

Nane said...

Hope you are getting over your accident. My Aunt lives in Columbus so I will have to check out a few of these shops next time I visit!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Bobbin, you must shop for a T-shirt while you're looking for black pants... one that says: "This end up"! Seriously, take care of yourself out there, I am so sorry to hear of your tumble. Glad you didn't break anything. I am adding this to my prayer list: for quick healing for you and peace from your health concerns. ~hugs~
PS-- I had to laugh thinking wouldn't it be funny to find a quilt shop in a town that doesn't even have a laundromat?!?