Friday, July 25, 2008

Old Sewing Machines

I know, I know, I have probably have posted these before, but old machines just amaze me. The treddle machine looks like the one my Grandmother sewed on when I was a child. I have often wondered when she got a machine and how they afforded one. We were so poor! She still sewed on it when I was much older and long since married. BUT, she had 4DD's when she died and I have no idea where it went.

I am not sure where I was when I took two of these photos but two of them were taken at the Blackberry Patchwork shop in Piqua, Oh. The treddle and the machine that has Old Kentucky home on it, as I said Grandmother had a treddle , but I had never seen a machine with Old Kentucky Home on it, and since I was raised in Kentucky, I was astonished. I sure would like to have that baby!

I also would like to share a story about a machine with you, we have friends in Va., that we have been friends with for 48 years, well, we were visiting them a couple years ago and HE showed me a machine he had purchased at a yard sale for $15.00.........It is a 1941 model (yes its stamped), since that is the year we were both born I was so jealous *** LOL***, but he wasn't about to part with it. He has told all his family if he should die before I do, thay are to give me the machine. The only problem with that is he is only 2 weeks older than me!!!! Seriously, the machine is in a wooden case and works very good, he got a real bargain.Wish I had a photo of it to share with you. Maybe when we go to Va., we can get a picture.

Our schedule this week has been changed so many times I can't keep up. Yesterday, as we were leaving the event we were doing, DH's phone rang, wanting a change, so he said ok, within 15 minutes, another call, another change, this time a new time as well as another location. I think the stress is getting to me!!!The only good thing to come from all of the changes, we are working less hours each day.........Thank goodness for small favors!!!!!!!!!!

The weather here today and yesterday has been perfect, especially since we are outside. Just beautiful, but rain is forecast the next 2 days....That's always a mess,will just have to wait and see.

I think I am going to get up from here and get my red work out and embroidery for a while. Yesterday and today, I worked on it some, I hadn't been able to do anything since I fell, so am taking it easy and just doing a little at a time, but that helps!

Hope everyone in blogland has a great weekend , and keep on quilting memories.

PS: I want to Congratulate Ms. Goodneedle on becoming a Grandmother, as she says, Life is good!

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country log cabin quilter said...

I love old sewing machines too. I could kick myself! We bought a beautiful treadle machine at a garage sale for $25. It was when we were selling at a "trade days" show every month, so we took it and sold it. If I would have had more room in our house, I definitely would have kept it because it was in perfect condition except it needed a belt. We bought another one at a garage sale another time and sold it too. Maybe some day.... How is your Christmas red work project going? Is that the one you said you are working on? Happy quilting & traveling! Ruth