Sunday, February 3, 2008

I made a QUILT

Well now, I have made another quilt top, YEAH, for me!!!!!!!!Actually its a throw size, but I really do like it. This is the FIRST quilt I have made using a pattern without help.***VBS***
It will hang at the LQS for a while,after it is quilted. The LQS owner is going to get a local lady to quilt it for me while I am traveling......I will be anxious to get back home to see it all finished.
We had Super Souper Bowl Sunday at the LQS today, and I took it in when I went in to help them ( I keep the food on the table replenshed)ETC, and the top was immediately hung , they had cut some kits so that was good advertising. I think they sold some kits also, so that was good.I had a really good time, I love seeing all the customers and especially the ladies that work there. They are a really great bunch of people. It is a priviledge to be around them. They are all so knowledgeable, I am going to miss seeing them, but hopefully will keep in touch, either by phone or email. They also have a blog, you should visit it sometime, it's I think you will like what you find there.
We will be leaving here soon, headed to Baton Rouge, La. then on to Texas. In La, we will be at a Wal-mart , then at a Lowe's and a Home Depot. Come by and see us. We will have Carl Edwards show car on display.I wish I could tell you the addresses, but so far we haven't been told the exact addy, just go to Baton Rouge and we will get the info we need via email. I just LOVE heading somewhere that you aren't familiar with and do not have the address. As soon as I know the addy I will post it so you can come by, be sure to introduce yourself, I look forward to meeting a lot of new people and especially quilters, That will be awesome***VBS***. As we travel I am going to try to blog about where we are going next, as we will be all over the mid-west, so lots of people and new quilt shops to visit. Does anyone know where I can find shops in BR?
Would love to hear from you.........
Think I will get off here, am tired,going to rest in my recliner. Looking forward to hearing from some of you ladies, until we meet, how about quilting memories for someone you love..


Libby said...

Very lovely new quilt. I like your fabric choices.

quiltteacher said...

We love having you around. We are going to miss you too! Safe travels for you and W.