Monday, February 11, 2008

On the road again

This has been a long hard week, but we are now in Alabama, will go on toLa. tomorrow morning.It sure was hard leaving my children and grandchildren yesterday.I thought I would be able to handle leaving better, but guess I am just a wimp ****VBG***,The weather here is beautiful but the weatherman said it was going to start raining and turn cold tomorrow. Darn it.
I left home this morning wearing a sweatshirt and jacket.By the time we got here at 3:10 we were both sweating.So traveling was nice. Obviously nothing quilty, so am going to get off here and get a shower and relax for a while.
Quiltkeemosabe I sure hope you had a great weekend, email me and let me know how it went. As a matter of fact I will enjoy hearing from each of you, but for now it will have to be by email as I am still having trouble with blogger. Maybe WG will be a little more rested tomorrow and will help me. Take care everyone, catch you later. J
PS: I also don't work the comp very well without the mouse,forgot that, will have to get one of them too........... LOL

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