Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quilt Emporium Picture

This is a pretty quilt that was hanging in the Quilt Emporium in Huston. I have no idea who made it but thought they done a good job and I love their choice of color. DH and me went looking for another shop we were told about yesterday, but when we found the place they were all gone, as in moved out!!! Shame on them. DH asked me where my Quilters Travel Companion was, and I had brought it in the motel room several days ago and left it, HOW DUMB CAN I BE?????? Anyhow we won't have another chance to go quilt shop looking while we are here. Hope to find something in San Antonio next week.
I was going to post our schedule for this week, but DH has it downstairs mapping out our stops for this week ( he's on the motel computer),So maybe later today or tomorrow, I am so looking forward to meeting some of you out there in blogland.
Hope everyone is quilting memories and DO hope DH will get the electricity working soon in the trailer. I think the problem is, he really doesn't know what he is doing (I don't mean that ugly, I truly don't think he knows what to do). We had a guy work on the generator while we were in Baton Rouge, but when he was through, it still didn't work the electricity!!!! Some one is not a happy camper.
It is pretty dark in there so I can't even cut out anything. OK, OK ,I know you are tired of me whining, so am going to finish getting dressed and get ready to get out of here.
Catch everyone later, I'm always (thinking about ) Quilting Memories!!!!!

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