Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Witch and Mini Stitches

Isn't the witch cute? She was sitting outside a charming quilt shop in Round Rock, Texas greeting customers at Halloween time. The quilt shop... Mini-Stitches was in an old house, very quaint but also very well stocked and everything laid out so it was easy to see. The lady ( can't remember her name) was exceptionally helpful and willing to keep DH occupied talking while I shopped. She had lots of quilts on display and had finished almost all of them herself.When I made my purchases and was ready to leave she gave me a home made pin cushion, said she tries to give all her new customers one when they visit the first time. I thought that was so thoughtful. If I am ever in that area again I will definitely go back, and if any of you are near there go check her place out, I think you will be glad you did.
I am still trying to get everything ready to go on our trip, if we just didn't have to wear the clothes we want to take, I would be READY, but it seems we need to dress everyday and only have so many clothes. I was told to take anything we "think" we may need, cause we will probably need it. I guess being gone from winter into summer I will just take most of my clothes and be done with it. I am putting our summer things in a bin and putting that up in the hauler and get what we need on a day to day basis. That way we don't have to carry everything in our daily suitcases. This is really getting to be one big headache, I just want to get on the road and whatever we have we will make do with...* VBS***,or it may be that I have to shop while we are gone*** VVBS****.
I haven't done any real sewing for a while ( did do some mending and cut off 5 pair of Jeans, I don't like that job) Went to Dr. yesterday for a follow up (after surgery in Sept.) and he found another lump, YES another one, this makes several I have had, but this one is pretty large, he said it was about 1.25 inches long and quiet thick and it is definitely attached to my body. When he was examining it and was trying to see if it was attached I was having a fit, That really hurt.
Anyway, I am scheduled for a mammogram and a sono-gram next Tuesday then will go back to the Dr. on the 5th.I really do NOT know what I am going to do about this as we are scheduled to leave here on the 10th. I have called this am, to try to get things moving faster, but so far haven't heard back from the Dr.s office. Maybe they can make my appt.s sooner. I sure hope so, after "sleeping" on all this, I am not happy with the wait. I guess I will have to be patience.
Patience is NOT one of my virtues. As a matter of fact, I have NO patience.
It has been bitterly cold here, yesterday there was ice all over the roads as I was coming from taking my DH to work. It is an hours drive, boy was I glad to see our town, as the ice had not got here yet, as a matter of fact, it never did, for that I was grateful as I had the Dr.s appointment.
I didn't have to go after Dh yesterday evening either and that was a blessing. But he said the roads weren't too bad on the way home.
Dr.s office just called, my appointment has been changed to this Friday am at 8:20, that is good.
but then she told me he wouldn't be able to see me any sooned than Tuesday the 5th, cause he is going to be out of town.....GRRRRRRRRRRRRR, What am I going to do??????????
I hope all of you have a wonderful day, stay warm and do a lot of quilting memories today.
Am going to get off here and try to work on my PATIENCE............ Pray for me, I sure do need it.. J


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Prayers abound. Please, please keep us posted. I can understand how this anxiety can wear you out. I'm sending big hugs. Let me know if there's anything I can do. OK?

Colleen Eskridge said...

Hoping all goes well when you can get into the dr. Colleen in South Africa

Aunt Jenny said...

That shop looked so much fun. How sweet of you to give a gift to new customers!!
I hope your doc visit goes really well..and your trip goes great. I am not the most patient person either! take care!